Baby Steps - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, August 24, 2009

Baby Steps

In my 26th week of pregnancy, I’m learning that the term ‘baby steps’ has many different meanings in my life. In the very literal sense, all of the ‘stepping’ (and kicking!) my baby girl has been doing with her 1-inch feet inside my belly has been surprising, sometimes uncomfortable, and really amazing. On the other hand, I’ve had to learn to take more baby steps in my own life. Physically, battling constant nausea and decreasing mobility has caused me to slow down quite a bit. Mentally, I’ve had to adjust to being on somebody else’s time. Considering that patience is not one of my strengths, it’s been difficult to relinquish control over many different aspects of my life – everything from knowing what’s really going on with my body to the ridiculously long delivery time for baby furniture (12-16 weeks!). Until this point in time, each passing day has felt excruciatingly long, perhaps because I’ve been so sick until recently. However, realizing that this is the final week of my second trimester has come as a complete shock! Before I know it, Avery Grace will be here, my maternity leave will be over, and I’ll be back at work (in heels, of course). Just thinking about everything that must be accomplished before the baby arrives is a little intimidating … contemplating what it will mean to become a working mom is completely daunting! I guess we will see what the coming weeks and months will bring.

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