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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Appointments, Classes, Tours, and more!

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! That’s how I feel when I try to wrap my head around all of the appointments, classes, tours, meetings, etc. that Brian and I have scheduled for the next couple of months. I don’t even have all of my final doctor’s appointments scheduled for November, and we are already set for a minimum of 9 trips to Austin. We’ve got the regular OB check-up appointments scheduled every 3 weeks for the next couple of months. We also have a 2-session childbirth class, infant CPR, baby care basics, and breastfeeding classes! Oh, I’m not through yet. We’re also in the process of setting up meetings to interview Doulas (more on that in the weeks to come). I’m exhausted just thinking about everything we have to do, and these things are only consuming our evenings during the week. We still have day jobs on Monday-Friday and weddings, showers, etc. on the weekends! We really are excited about all of these things, but it’s a little daunting when I look at the calendar and realize just how jam-packed it is. It’s no wonder pregnant women are so tired all the time. I better get my zofran prescription refilled … looks like I’ll be spending many more days off of my couch in the near future. It all begins this weekend with our tour of Labor & Delivery at the hospital. I know it’s early, but I really think it might be the only free Saturday we have before my due date!

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  1. Is it sad that I didn't know what a "doula" was? I had to Google it!