What I miss - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I miss

Writing about being sick made me think about what I’ve missed most since becoming pregnant….
Unpasteurized cheeses! Brie, blue cheese, any really awesome, stinky cheese …
Wine. Oh, wine….red wine, white wine, champagne. I really miss champagne.
Ice. Cold. Beer. In a frosty, frosty mug. So unfair when it’s 100+ degrees outside.
Friends. My social life. Wine. Drinking wine with friends.
Leaving home for more than an hour or two. And without a puke-bag in my purse.
Energy. Enthusiasm. The desire do to anything that cannot be done from my couch.
Aspartame. That’s right. Drinks/foods that aren’t sugar-laden.
Working out. Really. I’d at least like the option … or the energy.
Clothes. That fit. And aren’t ugly.
Did I mention wine and cheese?

There are a few things that I’ve loved about pregnancy …
Eating ice cream every day. Yum!
Eating pizza and Mexican food for most of my meals. My doctor said it’s okay!
Nap time! Sometimes multiple nap times in a day!
Realizing all over again how wonderful (and patient and kind) my husband is.
Realizing (again) how awesome my friends and family are.
Knowing they’ll understand why pizza, ice cream, and naps are first on this list.
Having the most awesome white elephant gift for Christmas … an IV pole. Watch out!
Feeling my baby move when nobody else can. And loving that bond.
Shopping for cute little girl clothes! And furniture. And décor. And, well, just shopping.
And, of course, knowing that we will get to meet our sweet, baby girl very soon!


  1. Cute list... I may have to copy your idea!

  2. Mnnn...I'm on the daily ice cream intake diet too! It's how I'm maintaining my nice round figure :)