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Monday, October 5, 2009

A fall, a kick, and a question

A Fall: The weekend gave the term ‘rainfall’ a double meaning for me. Not only did we have torrential rain storms that poured several inches of much needed precipitation, I also took a little spill of my own. After Brian and I finished breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants, my sweet husband went to get the car so I wouldn’t have to walk far in the rain. I took about 3 steps toward the car, and my left foot started to slide. Now, I swear I could have regained my balance under normal circumstances. However, being as front heavy as I am these days, I had no hope. So, there I went … I fell forward onto my hands and knees. My right knee was bruised up and the whole left side of my body was pretty sore for the rest of the weekend. Fortunately, I did not fall on my stomach or any part of my body, so Avery is doing just fine. I’ve been reading about how pregnant women can lose their balance more easily because of a change in the center of gravity, and now I know what that means!

A Kick: As I mentioned last week, our sweet, little (stubborn) girl is currently in the breech position. Because I REALLY don’t want to end up having a c-section, I’ve been reading about different ways to get a baby to turn. The doula we interviewed on Friday suggested putting ice at the top of my stomach. It’s supposed to make the baby move her head away from the cold sensation. So, I thought … it’s worth a shot! I set my glass of ice water on the top of my stomach. And, this is where it became utterly apparent that this is my (stubborn) child. Instead of shying away from the cold sensation, Avery just started kicking at it. I could literally see the entire glass being moved up and down. I think we’re going to be in trouble with our independent, strong-minded child.

A Question: Okay, we all know I’m a little on the paranoid side when it comes to germs. I already got a flu shot and am just counting the days until the swine flu vaccine is available at my doctor’s office. I’m also making all the grandparents get their whooping cough shots, because this disease is apparently becoming a problem with babies again. So, here’s my question … is it rude/obnoxious/obsessive/unnecessary for me to ask/expect/require those visiting us at the hospital or at home after Avery is born to get their flu shots? Especially considering her due date is in December (not June), smack in the middle of flu season? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll already be vigilantly armed with anti-bacterial gels and soaps … baby mittens to keep people from touching her hands that will inevitably go straight into her mouth. But, considering that we all need oxygen, I can’t ask people not to breathe on her! What would you do?!


  1. I'm glad you are ok. I experienced a near fall disaster myself this weekend-darn rain! I don't think you are rude at all about the flu shots. Actually yesterday we were told by the hospital that we as parents should both get them and that we shouldn't allow people in our house without having them wash their hands extremely well and use antibacterial sanitizer.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your fall... but I'm glad you're OK for the most part.

    And I agree with what Erica said about the flu shots/washing hands.

  3. Thanks! I'll feel a little less crazy knowing I'm not the only one worried about the flu and other germs!

  4. Are you kidding me? I plan to have the hand sanitizer with us this weekend and no one is coming near the boy until they've been "sanitized"! I would totally insist upon flu shots (both kinds!).