Just the girls! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just the girls!

On Saturday, some of my best girlfriends threw a shower for me in Austin. It was great to get together with just the girls (even if they were drinking champagne without me!).

Kelli, Lisa, Me, and Callie

They were so thoughtful in putting everything together, and they made some very tasty treats – all with pasteurized cheeses, so I could eat everything!

Lisa has gotten quite crafty lately. She made the cutest cupcakes and a diaper cake using our receiving blankets!

Although I was much better at taking pictures this time, I still only managed to get a few on my camera. Most of the pictures will be sent to me from others in the next few days, so I will post more when I receive them.

Thanks, girls, for a great day!


  1. What a cute diaper cake... and what a fun shower! I'm glad you had fun. And I'm glad we're both "glam" enough to still wear hooker boots this late in our pregnancies! :-)

  2. Yes! I was going to comment on your boots too ... very cute! It's one of the few days I've put on cute shoes (or shoes in general) lately!

  3. I still wear high heels to work a few days a week... they make me feel pretty and sassy (especially when other parts of me just feel blah)!