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Friday, October 16, 2009

No such luck

I’m 33 weeks pregnant today! There are many ways I might have celebrated this milestone (e.g., ice cream, a massage, etc.), but my body seems to have a mind of its own. Yes, as I was sound asleep in bed this morning, I got my very first infamous leg cramp. As the books all say, I went from peaceful slumber to screaming on the side of the bed in about half of a second! Poor Brian was so worried. All I could do for a minute or two was say ‘ouch’ over and over. However, I’m thinking that it wasn’t my yelling in pain that scared him so much as the fact that he hasn’t seen me move that fast in 8 months! I really thought that I might be spared some of these 3rd trimester ‘pregnancy discomforts’ given all of the issues I’ve had with hyperemisis. No such luck. I’m pretty sure I’m even getting a varicose vein. Gross.

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  1. Two weeks ago, I got three leg cramps within four days... but I haven't had any since (knock on wood). Maybe this will be your first and only one!