Another doctor's appointment - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Another doctor's appointment

Yes, another one. They’re coming weekly at this point. Fortunately, next week is the final one! Avery is still stubborn, uh, I mean breech, so it looks the scheduled c-section next Friday is still the plan. I think I’ve created a new stage of grief – persuasion. I’ve done the anger, denial, etc., and now I’m attempting to persuade myself into acceptance. I’m just so over pregnancy and having been sick for so long that the idea of recovering from surgery is less than appealing. I know, I know. It doesn’t matter how she arrives as long as we’re both healthy … blah, blah, blah! I appreciate the encouragement, but I’m also over all the optimism. Plenty of people have healthy, happy hyperemesis-free pregnancies. Plenty of people deliver healthy, happy babies without c-sections. I just want to be one of those people who doesn’t fall into that 2-10% ‘what other crappy thing can happen to you in pregnancy’ statistic.

Okay, off the soap box. Can you tell I’m almost 38 weeks, almost at the end? I’m definitely feeling the end-of-the-third-trimester frustrations. Anyway, the doctor’s appointment went well. Actually, it was fairly uneventful. As I already noted, Avery is still breech. She still has her feet on her head and refuses to move. Her heartbeat is right around 140, which is normal. And, I actually lost a pound. Who knew the ice cream and cookies pregnancy diet could be so effective?!

As someone who has never had real surgery before, I also had several random, but important questions for the doctor.

Q – Can I wear nail polish to the c-section?
A – Yes.
My response – Better schedule a pedicure.

Q – Can I wear make-up during the surgery?
A – Yes.
My response – Good. I was going to anyway.

Q – Can I wear contacts or do I have to wear glasses?
A – Contacts are okay.
My response – Good, because my glasses prescription is about 4 years old, and I’d like to be able to see my daughter when she’s born.

Now that I have answers to all of the important questions, I feel like the persuasion-to-acceptance stage is going to be a little more productive.


  1. From someone who has had a c-section - trust me, you will be fine!
    I pushed for 3 hours and then went into the OR. It was the easiest procedure ever. Very quick, no pain. They give you so many drugs for pain management afterwards, so it really isn't even bad then!
    I will have a planned section with my next baby, and am looking forward to it. Yes, the surprise isn't really there, but it is so much easier to be able to plan everything out.
    You will do great! And you will have your little one in your arms in a little over a week.
    Relax and enjoy yourself. And get that pedicure! (I got a mani and pedi the day before my daughter was born - coincidentally - and EVERYONE - and I mean everyone - in the hospital commented on it. It's nice to have at least one part of your body looking good!)

  2. I delivered in full makeup and people thought I was insane. Doesn't seem odd at all to me :) Good luck, it's kind of crazy to realize that in little over a week instead of looking at your tummy bounce as she moves around you'll be seeing her precious little face for the first time.

  3. hahah. this is good. yes to makeup!