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Tuesday, November 10, 2009


After calling the offices of both my OB and general practitioner (and the 211 flu hotline and many other sources) day in and day out for weeks, I’m finally going to get my H1N1 vaccine tomorrow morning! Finally! I know this is somewhat of a controversial issue, but I’m a modern-day-medicine-kind of girl. I got the seasonal flu shot back in September, and anything included in this year’s H1N1 vaccine will be in next year’s seasonal flu vaccine. So, if it’s going to be okay for pregnant women a year from now, I’m going to take my chances tomorrow.

Here are a few stats:
How far along: 36 ½ weeksNet weight gain: 21 lbs.
Sleep: Sleeping well … for about 45 minutes at a time. Between the awful pain in my hips that keeps me flipping/rolling around all night and the frequent trips to the bathroom, I’m relatively impressed at how much sleep I’m actually still getting.
Baby movement: She moves like crazy! Except when she goes an entire day without moving at all and completely freaks me out. She’s a night owl for sure, and is much more active late in the day. She also reacts well to peppermint ice cream and Brian’s voice.
Cravings: None really. Luckily, some of the healthier foods that once made me so nauseous are back on my stomach’s approved list … fruit and grilled chicken have been treating me quite well lately.
Food aversions: Okay, so the grilled chicken has to come with extra pickles on a bun from Chic-fil-a, but it’s better than a fried sandwich! Veggies are still hit or miss.
What I miss: Diet soda, cold turkey sandwiches, champagne.
Looking forward to: The ultrasound on Thursday. Hopefully it will give us a better idea of what the coming weeks will bring!

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