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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still breech!

Avery’s new nickname is Trouble! Based on what she could feel by pushing on my stomach, the doctor is about 80% sure Avery is still in the breech position. I’m even more certain because I can still feel her kicking low, and I’m pretty sure her head has taken up permanent residence between my ribs. So, we’re going to do another (our 4th!) ultrasound next Thursday to determine her exact position. If she is still not cooperating, the doctor will advise us as to whether doing an external version is a viable option.

External version is where the doctor uses a sonogram to guide him as he applies external pressure to the baby and tries to get her to flip. It’s a procedure that is supposed to be relatively uncomfortable, even painful. However, it is also brief – they should know if they can successfully turn her in less than 5 minutes. That said, if it is a viable option for us (i.e., she’s small enough and has enough room to turn, there is enough amniotic fluid, etc.), we are probably going to try it. As far as I’m concerned, 5 minutes of pain is worth a shot if it means I won’t have to have a c-section and recover from surgery for weeks on end. Unfortunately, the procedure is not a guarantee – even if it works, she could always flip back. And, knowing our little ball of Attitude & Trouble, she probably will!

So, if external version doesn’t work and/or if we decide it’s not a good option, we’re looking at welcoming our little Avery Grace the week of Thanksgiving. We would likely end up scheduling the c-section one of the days toward the end of that week (Wednesday-Saturday), depending on the hospital’s holiday schedule and when they would allow ‘elective’ c-sections. We will know much more after the ultrasound next week, but time is definitely running out! She could be here in just 3 weeks! Until then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she flips – with or without the EV – and stays that way until December 4th!

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  1. Wow... y'all are getting so close! I hope she flips and then stays put until December!