Ultrasound today - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ultrasound today

We had our 4th ultrasound today, and Avery is …. still … breech. In fact, she’s still in the exact same position she was in 6 weeks ago, curled up in a ball with her feet on her head and her hands in front of her face. Dr. Darby informed us that we have about a 30-50% chance of successfully turning her by doing a version. We would have to schedule it for Monday or Tuesday and the likelihood of still needing a c-section is fairly high. That said, we’ve decided not to do the version technique to try and turn her head down. We’ll let her ‘incubate’ for another 2 weeks and schedule our c-section around 39 weeks. Depending on the holiday schedule at the hospital and, more importantly, the availability of the anesthesiologist, we’re hoping that she will be born the day after Thanksgiving on November 27th. If that date doesn’t work, we’ll have to schedule something for the following Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully we can get everything set by tomorrow or early next week.

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