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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What I can't wait to live without

We had our final doctor’s visit today, and basically nothing has changed. Avery is still breech, so the c-section is a go for Friday morning! She’ll be here before we know it!

In thinking about this being my final pre-natal appointment of this pregnancy, most likely my final OB appointment EVER, I started to realize how many items/experiences/etc. I’ll never (EVER) have to deal with again starting in about 3 days …

1-Zofran, the anti-nausea God-send of a medication that allowed me to survive my hyperemisis-pregnancy even though the doctors couldn’t guarantee it was totally safe.

2-Maternity clothes. Let’s face it. Most women buy clothes to make them look smaller, even when they’re in their Size-2-Non-Pregnant glory. There is not a single piece of maternity clothing that can make you look smaller. Okay, I know I’ll probably still live in these for a while, but at least I’ll start to have other options soon.

3-Toilet Paper. Yes, I know I’ll continue to use it on a daily basis, but I’m hoping to stop going through an entire roll each and every day. Insider trading tip: Sell your market shares of toilet paper now! Consumption at my house is going down ASAP!

4-Darker hair. Sure, I know lots of beautiful brunettes, but I’m a natural-born-dye-job-blonde. I miss my lighter shade, and once these lightening-fast-hair-growing hormones are under control I’ll be back to my ‘natural’ self.

5-IV Pole. Seriously, how many people do you know that have their very own IV pole just sitting around in their garage? We also had a fridge full of anti-nausea meds in syringes and a box of glucose/saline fluids until a few weeks ago. If any of my family members are reading this, you better send me your Christmas wish lists soon. Once I’m a sleep-deprived new parent, I cannot promise that this one won’t get wrapped up in your holiday gift bag.


7-The epically slow passage of time. You know how, when you hear that somebody else is pregnant, it seems like they have a toddler two days later? Yeah, not so much when you’re the one who is pregnant. I’m definitely ready to move into a new phase of this experience. I’m ready for sleep deprivation to be caused by the joy of nurturing my child, and not leg cramps, bathroom trips, etc. I’m ready for general physical discomfort to be caused by my body healing and eventually getting back into shape (a shape other than ‘round’). I’m ready to meet Avery Grace and start our life together as a family! We’re about 62 hours away from her arrival!

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