The Great Christmas Debacle - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Great Christmas Debacle

We spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve with my parents and grandparents. They graciously traveled to our house so we wouldn’t have to go anywhere with our sweet new baby. Everything was really nice … too much food, of course, and lots of presents for Baby. Our little girl was on her best behavior during the family visit. She ate. She slept. She made sweet little baby eyes at all of her visitors. She was an angel. Until everyone left.

We’re not sure how a little girl who is exactly four weeks old can comprehend the notion of celebrating the holiday season, but she somehow decided that she wanted to party all night long. She indulged right along with the adults, eating considerably more than her normal day’s haul. And, she had no intention of sleeping. Not at 9:00 p.m., not at midnight, not until almost 4 a.m. And, the Great Christmas Debacle? The Rejection of the Pacifier. The horror! Her beloved pacifier no longer wanted, and our beloved sleep no longer an option.

Needless to say, Brian and I rang in Christmas morning with just a couple hours sleep and a bottle of champagne. This might be the first day I have been glad to have the option of supplementing Baby’s diet with formula! We love our little girl so much, especially as we celebrate Christmas today … we’re just hoping that she’ll allow us a couple of holiday naps.

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Eeks! I hope I'm not jinxing myself when I type this, but I did a "cluster feeding" last night and Eli slept for five hours (from 10-3)!! Woo hoo!! I'm crossing my fingers for tonight!

  2. Avery and Peighton must have somehow gotten the word out. We were in the exact same boat-minus the pacifier. The big difference for us was after finally getting to sleep about 4:30 we were woken up at 8:30 by a very excited 4 year old who had a visit from Santa.