Daycare Dilemma - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Daycare Dilemma

Okay, so, I posted about our daycare dilemma many, many months ago. Long before Baby was born. When we moved to this smaller town, I just assumed that getting into a decent child care center would not be as big of a problem as it tends to be in larger cities. I was wrong. WRONG. We’ve been on waiting lists since August. We got on those waiting lists after I did a comprehensive, exhaustive search for the best centers in our little town. There are some great ones, and we’re really looking forward to taking Baby to one of them … one day. However, by then, she’ll probably be Toddler.

Today I received a call from one particular center, not one at the top of my list, but not a completely offensive one either. They have an immediate opening. We have to start NOW or they’ll give our spot away. So, we’re signing up. And, I don’t like it. At all.

First of all, what is that smell?! Do you know what I’m talking about? Why do all of these places smell like a Taco Cabana on a humid day just after having the floors mopped with 4-week-old mop water? Really? Even the best ones have ‘that’ smell.

Second, I’m not crazy about my child sharing a swing, bouncer, etc. with other snotty-nosed kids. And, the snotty noses. Why does every kid in daycare have a runny nose? Is this what Baby is in for?!

Third, I paid a lot of money for Baby’s really nice crib that will convert to a toddler bed, then a full bed. A LOT of money. And, they want to put her is something that most closely resembles a cage made of aluminum cans. I’m sure they meet all of the child-safety requirements, but they look pretty scary to me.

We always knew that Baby would have to go to one of these places eventually, but this ‘immediate’ situation is throwing me for a major loop. She’s so fragile. She’s so tiny. Soooo tiny. And, she’s used to having one-on-one attention. From me. ME. Yes, yes, this is the real issue. I’m not crazy about somebody else taking care of my child. What if they don’t hold her the right way? What if they don’t burp her enough or feed her correctly? What if all of this causes Baby distress? Did I mention how tiny she is? And so young! She’s not ready. I’m not ready! I don’t like it. At all.

I’m definitely going to start her on a part-time basis while I’m still off of work next week. Maybe it will be easier if we do this gradually. Any thoughts or advice on how I can hate this situation any less?


  1. Good luck! I have no experience with this, so I can't help. Hope that you will be happy with this place.

  2. I have daycare phobia for all the same reasons. And even though I didn't leave Peighton or Will with a daycare (we have private care), it was still difficult-especially with Peighton. I'm sure sweet little Avery will do fine, much better than Mommy I'm sure.

  3. Taking Baby to daycare for the first, oh, say 3 years, sucks. They do survive and thrive. It is definitely hardest on Mama. It's not easy but you will both be o.k. Good luck! Lissa