Shots - Baby Steps in High Heels

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Remember when getting shots late in the day on Friday (or sometimes a Tuesday) involved a trendy bar, a shaker of salt, and a wedge of lime? It might not be such a distant memory for some of you, so bear with me … we’re not talking about those kind of shots.

We ended the week with Baby’s 2 month check-up, which included … shots. Now, as I’ve said before, we’re a family that believes in modern medicine. However, I was happy to hear that our doctor uses the preservative-free inoculations. Baby handled everything pretty well, or so I hear. I left the room the second I saw the size of those three (yes, THREE!!) needles they were going to stick into my little girl’s legs. Husband was brave and stayed with her through the whole ordeal, which lasted only a few minutes. Once the torture session ended (for me … I could hear her cries through the wall), Husband promptly brought Sweet, Crying Baby to me so I could soothe her. I know it’s for her own good, but it broke my heart to watch her go from her happy, playful, unsuspecting state to ‘what the hell did you just do to me?’ screaming in a matter of seconds.

Following the shots, Baby had a little swelling on her leg and was pretty fussy for a while. Fortunately for her, a few doses of Tylenol seemed to help. Unfortunately for me and my nerves, tequila shots were not really an option considering that my responsibility to care for my upset infant is what started this whole mess anyway. The next day, Baby seemed to have completely forgotten the whole experience. We traveled to visit family, where she was held ALL DAY. I’m sure the extra love and attention didn’t hurt the comfort phase of her recovery. In fact, I think she really got used to the warmth of being in somebody’s arms ALL DAY … which might explain why I’m currently typing this blog with only one hand.

Everything else went well at the doctor’s office. Baby is up to 21 ½ inches long and 8 pounds 14 ounces, which is almost a whole pound since the beginning of the month! Weight gain is still a big celebration for us. She’s only in the tenth percentile, but she’s happy and healthy!