Mama's Little Gold Medalist - Baby Steps in High Heels

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mama's Little Gold Medalist

There must be something in the air with this year’s Winter Olympics under way in Vancouver … oh, that’s right, that something in the air is the reeking stench of my child. My beautiful, good-natured, one-dirty-diaper-per-day, formula-fed child has been participating in very intense Olympic training over the last 48 hours. She’s filled 12. Yes. TWELVE. DIRTY. DIAPERS since mid-afternoon on Friday. That might be nothing in the breastfed category, but this is a formula-fed diaper filling event. And in this weekend’s particular competition, Baby has qualified in the semi-finals and is most definitely on track to take the gold in all categories: Color, Odor, Quantity, and Overall Disgustingness. Wish us luck. At this rate, we might squeeze in another 3-4 runs today for an all time personal best score (all applicable puns in this sentence apply).


  1. 12 dirty diapers would be excessive for breastfed baby Avery's little tummy upset? I hope the competition for gold ends soon... :)

  2. We think it's an allergy to the formula and will be switching to soy tomorrow. Hopefully that will help!

  3. Congratulations, Jenn. You now have fourteen followers. I read your comment at Cop Mama and just couldn't leave you with 13...

    Hope you check my blog out and we get to know each other better...Good luck with your precious new little one.