A Valentine's Day Warning - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, February 12, 2010

A Valentine's Day Warning

I know some of your husbands, but I don’t know them all. In either case, I have to say that my husband is probably the best one in the world. I mean no disrespect to your significant others, I just happen to think mine is pretty dang awesome. Sure, I’m a little biased, but what can I say? I love the man. He’s kind, generous, funny. He’s my best friend. And, he cleans the house. The entire house. Weekly. Sometimes more often than that. Yes, ladies, I win. I have the best husband ever.

With that said, there is one area of improvement I’d like to suggest to my husband and probably all of yours … regarding the ‘how do I look?’ question. This can occur on a daily basis, but is much more serious around special holidays like Valentine’s Day.

Now, my husband is a scientist, a logical man. And, he tends to respond to almost every question with honesty, which is an admirable way to handle almost every single situation in life … except for the ‘how do I look?’ question. To be fair to Husband, I used to prefer that honest answer. Really, I did. When you move to a town where you don’t know a soul and you don’t have girlfriends to shop with, a wife sometimes needs a truthful response (even from husbands who are morally opposed to Capri pants and knee-high boots. I know, I don’t get it either, but whatever). However, and let me be very clear, that was BEFORE the pregnancy. That was when I easily fit into any size 2 or size 4 pair of jeans and merely needed a pair of 4-inch heels to make myself look just a tad slimmer. And, really, the ‘honest’ answer should have always been the same (even then) … Wow! You look amazing! That might be my favorite look yet.

So, my Valentine’s Day warning to husbands and significant others around the world (especially, especially, if your wife found time to go to a store, try on clothes, and spend money on a new outfit. And also if she’s pulling out a dress that fit her 5 years ago. And also in any other situation.) …

If you love your wife’s outfit and think she looks absolutely amazing, your response is:
Wow! You look amazing! That might be my favorite look yet.

If you only ‘kinda’ like it, your response is:
Wow! You look amazing! That might be my favorite look yet.

And, if you really, absolutely hate it, your response is:
Wow! You look amazing! That might be my favorite look yet.

The only acceptable deviations from the above statement would be to substitute the word amazing for any of the following: phenomenal, fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, marvelous, or extremely skinny. Any combination of these will work as well (e.g., phenomenally amazing). And, just throw in the ‘extremely skinny’ at any time.

Have a great weekend celebrating Valentine’s Day. Feel free to enlighten the men in your lives!


  1. OK...I'm dying to know what was said....I kept reading and "wait for it, wait for it"...except "it" wasn't present....so now we're all left in suspense. :)

  2. Sorry, nothing was said ... this time! This message was a preemptive strike.

  3. My boyfriend is such a total GUY, but when it comes to clothes he is like a gay best friend. He told me once I was "over-accessorized." I laughed for QUITE SOME TIME.

  4. I agree! Completely! I can't stand it when my husband says "you look fine". Fine?? As if. Men everywhere should read this post.