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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm writing a book ...

First, I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and support yesterday. Who knew pouring your heart out could make you feel soooo much better? I guess Shell did. Genius!

Anyway, apparently I’m writing a book. No, nothing for actual publication. Just a ‘short’ manual for how to care for Baby.

Given that Husband and I will be attending the previously mentioned Bachelor and Bachelorette parties this weekend, we will be …

Leaving Baby. GULP.

For the first time. GULP.

Without either one of her parents present. GULP.

Overnight. Gulp.

And, yes, my in-laws are phenomenal and fully capable of caring for Baby. We could probably walk out the door Saturday morning without leaving one word of instruction and come home to a perfectly happy and healthy baby on Sunday afternoon. But let’s be honest here. I wouldn’t be my normal, neurotic self if I didn’t leave some form of guidance. It’s true, though. My simple page of instructions is quickly spinning out of control.

Yes, they know how to change diapers … but do they know that putting her lovey (aka the burp cloth) next to her face during the middle-of-the-night changes helps keep her from getting too fussy?

Yes, they know how to feed a baby a bottle, but do they know that to do when this new super thick and clumpy formula cakes together in the top of the nipple?

Yes, they know many, many things. They probably know much more than I’ve even begun to figure out. But, still … I’m writing a book. Or, at least a chapter.

Really though, we all know I’ll probably be driving home at midnight anyway!

I'm a Macaroni Kid Mom! I write! I publish! I make money! Ask me how you can be one too!

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  1. Enjoy your time away! It was hard the first time I left my babies, too...but I still enjoyed it!

  2. I wrote six pages for the baby sitter the first time I left my children with someone other than my mom. That was for two hours. Good luck. You'll be fine. And your baby will be fine. ;)

  3. do your inlaws know how to text? just have them text you here and there with updates....you'll have a great time and baby will be fine :)