Skinny Jeans! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, March 19, 2010

Skinny Jeans!

Oh yeah! Skinny Jeans! I finally fit in a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans! How did I do it? I thought you might ask. Let me share my super-awesome-exercise-diet regiment:

Step 1. Diet: I call it the Baby screams/cries/demands attention any time I sit down to eat. She’s out cold while I clank around pots and pans, making dinner, slamming oven doors, etc. But the second I sit down, she starts howling three bites in. That beautiful piece of salmon? Cold salmon? Not so tasty 45 minutes later.

Step 2. Exercise: It’s simple really. A couple hundred laps around the house every day for feedings, diaper changes, etc. Also, Elle Woods coined the phrase ‘bend and snap’, but if you do it a dozen times an hour to pick up dropped pacifiers, burp cloths, etc., it can really provide a great work out.

Step 3. Top Secret Trick. Now this is the most important part, and you should all feel oh-so-lucky to be let in on the secret to fitting into your pre-pregnancy jeans. The secret is …. (drum roll) …. make sure that pair of pants was your ‘fat’ pants prior to pregnancy! You know the ones. Those extra comfy jeans with lots of spandex/lycra or whatever it is that they’re putting in jeans these days to make them stretchy. Those jeans that were a size or two too big that you just kept around for comfort’s sake. Yes, those are the ones.

It doesn’t matter that they were my fat jeans before pregnancy. They’re my skinny jeans now!

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  1. This was such a cute post, Jenn! I'm going to tweet this link out for you since you don't have a twitter =)

  2. Loved it! Very funny (and true!)
    Coming at ya from Jenn B's twitter!

  3. LOL! This was awesome! i'm still not fitting in my pre prego clothes and she's 5 mos. lol i'll make sure that i won't have a stack of pacifiers next to me or when she drops one!

    Came from Jenn B's twitter!

  4. LOL As long as they were pre-pregancy pants, they totally count!

  5. That's awesome! I can totally relate. I refused to buy more than a couple of larger size pants so I wouldn't be tempted to stay in that size. I called it the "my-son-doesn't-like-to-sleep" diet. Now with him crawling and pulling up it's more like the "chasing son so he doesn't fall off of something" diet. Congrats!