Mommy Moment Mondays - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy Moment Mondays


You know we all have them. That beautiful moment that makes you realize you are a mom, the moment that something you swore you would never say comes out of your mouth, those moments you couldn't even make up if you tried? Well, let's share shall we? Those moments in which we are pulling our hair out, trying not to cry, laugh, or scream. Moments we think we would never see, and moments we think we will never laugh at? Let it out ladies!

So, I’m joining in the fun with Mommy Moment Mondays from Frugal Mom Knows Best! My moment … projectile spit-up in my mouth. Need I say more?

So, this mommy moment begs the question: to begin feeding or not? As I’ve mentioned before, we recently found a new pediatrician. I really like her, but she’s part of a practice that allows you to see any available doctor when your child is due for an appointment. So, the primary pediatrician suggested we start rice cereal. The other doctor we saw last week when Baby had the stomach bug said not to do anything until at least 6-months.

It should come as no surprise that the primary doctor is a bit older, more traditional, and the other doctor is fairly young. That explains the difference in their opinions, but, I mean …. Really? You’re in the SAME practice. You share the SAME office. It’s bad enough when just one of you gives me an ambiguous diagnosis or advice. Now we’re throwing two entirely different opinions in the mix?!?! Really?!?!

That’s where y’all, my bloggin’ mom friends come in … what do you suggest? What has worked for you? What didn’t work? I never thought I’d try any foods for Baby prior to 6-months. But, I also thought I’d be breastfeeding. I thought a lot of things, before Baby arrived and showed me who’s boss. More importantly, I also never thought - never-ever-ever-ever – thought that I’d be dealing with projectile spit-up IN. MY. MOUTH.


If rice cereal will help with the spitting up, I'm listening!


  1. My boys liked to spit out the rice cereal!

    I didn't start until after 6 months with my boys. My middle son wasn't interested in food at all until he was 8 or 9 months. My peds office said that until a year, solids should be looked at as dessert anyway.

  2. stopping by via UBP.
    i looove your blog. definately enjoyed reading it... my daughter is 15 months old and i can so relate to some of the things you write about!

    my BEST advice to you is to do what your mommy guy says. if you feel you should start rice cereal, i would, if you feel you should wait.. wait. there is no harm. i started my daughter on cereal @ 3 months (very watery) and was adding in veggies and fruit by 4 months. she was always on the small side and i felt i needed to do something to put meat on her bones. =) she loved eating, when she would see the spoon coming towards her her face would light up.

    every child is different, they develop at different paces. same with pediatricians!!! not one of them agrees on anything. so do what you feel is best for your baby girl.

    there is no harm in trying it out. i have other mommy friends that have had huge problems with there babies spitting up, and the rice cereal helped them keep food down. so try it out for a day or two.. if it doesn't help.. then you can stop.
    also, i always fed my daughter with a spoon (seeing as she was breastfed i couldn't get her to take a bottle.. and on the subject.. you seem to beat yourself up for not being able to breastfeed, which you shouldn't!!! there are a lot of mothers out there that wish they could and couldn't. it is not something you've done wrong!=) ) but i know of others that would put rice into the formual and feed through a bottle (they have rice nipples @ walmart.. i believe playtex makes them).
    hope that helps.
    will definately be following you. very glad i found you blog!!!!!

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    if you have facebook you can become a fan on my site too!

    keep up the good work. and remember, you are the mommy, no one else. do what you feel is best!!!! =)

  3. wow... watching DWTS and didn't realize all my spelling mistakes. haha. "mommy guT not guy!"

  4. If she's anything like Evan, she'll let you know if she's ready or not. We first tried cereal at about 5 months and he just couldn't figure it out. He spit it out or wouldn't open his mouth much for us to put the spoon in. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to try it if you feel like it might help and she'll either take to it or not.

  5. You know, I absolutely love love love my pediatrician. She is unfortunately so popular that I have to make my appointments months in advance, and she is never available when the kids get sick, but I have decided I will only go to her for reg. appointments. And she has told me to call her if I question treatment suggestions of the other doctors. Sometimes I think that having consistency with your doctor, and having a doctor that grows with your child, is as important as all the theories.

  6. I am breastfeeding Marin, but started her cereal at 4 months and purees at 5 months, in addition to her normal feedings. Unfortunately, the spitting up is a developmental thing...MOST of the time. Once she was developmentally ready to stop projectile vomiting all over her burp cloths (BLANKETS), she stopped...the timing coincided with the five month start of purees. Not sure if there is a correlation between food/cereals and less vomiting, or if it was the more developed gastro-muscles. A pedi-GI would tell you it's the latter.....