Mommy Moment Mondays - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mommy Moment Mondays


It’s Mommy Moment Monday. Mine is simple. Exhaustion!

That’s it, really. I’m just plain worn out after a whirlwind long weekend that included taking a couple of days off of work last week for a wedding, visiting with lots of family and friends, playing catch up now with my day job, Macaroni Kid, and blogging. All fun stuff, but I am tired. Add to that a sick (allergies) baby, sick (allergies) husband, and sick self … yes, damn spring allergies!

I guess I’ll take it easy tonight, go to bed early, get some extra rest … oh, wait, nope. Baby says nope! Feed me. Change me. Cuddle me.

Well, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Exhausted or not!

Sorry for the cop out today. You should check out Frugal Mom Knows Best. She has a scary story to share that reminds us all of just how important it is to trust our mom-instincts.


  1. Those babies won't ever cut a mom some slack!

  2. I hear you, sistah! I figure the exhaustion will stop once my kids sleep in past 6, but then I remember they sleep in because they start staying up later... so maybe when they are in college. I just have to stop having kids to see the end of exhaustion...which at this point is 18 years. Sigh....good luck!

  3. Mommy moment one thousand.....taking a week to get to the links!!
    I am with you girl! I am trying to get this mac kid thing going (my gosh, I am a fleck compared to Supah!), lose some weight, and keep the family running. Remember when we did all that and still managed to do our nails to go out that night?