Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday: Rolling, Stretch Marks, & a little Tori Spelling


  1. LOL - toenails cut the uterus... never thought of that!!!

  2. I never thought about a baby cutting the Uterus, kinda gross really.

    Make sure you don't have anything low the baby can grab and make soggy (books, magazines), tear(books and magazines), or throw and break.

  3. too funny!! I got ZERO stretch marks with Will and have about 10 right on the front of my tummy from Peighton!!!! URGGGH! They will be with me for a bit longer, until the surgeons knife removes their unsightly little selves.

    BTW-I LOVE Tori Spelling!! I've read the books, she has an awesome kids clothing line, and both Joey and I LOVE the show!

  4. LOL @ the toenails!

    And the stretch marks- yes, they have got to go! I hope mine are listening...