Post-It Note Tuesday ... Sick Day - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday ... Sick Day

Um ... thanks, Doc. That's oh-so-helpful.
Did I mention what we've been dealing with since midnight?
Did I mention what kind of circus hoops we had to jump through just to get here?

Sooooo tired.
Did I mention that the explosive diaper came half-way through my cup of coffee?
Yes, I am running on empty.
Oh, and tonight is the night I publish the weekly Macaroni Kid newsletter!
But it'll still be a good one ... check your inbox before going to bed.
If you want to write, publish, edit, and make money ... ask me how!


  1. Oh NOOOOO!!! U poor thing and poor little angel. BOOO :(

    I'll pray for you to get a break and get enough strength to get through the day and get to publish your newsletter, and for baby girl to kick whatever she's got out of her system.

    Good luck hon.

  2. That sounds quite crappy. Hope everyone feels better and gets some SLEEP soon!

    Um, in other news, I'm interested in writing, publishing, editing, and making money. I'm asking you how. ;)

  3. Hope you can get some rest!

  4. What a horrible day!!! Hope your little girl feels better quickly!

  5. I'm so sorry. How exasperating to get a "maybe" list from a pediatrician...that has to be the most difficult thing about being a mommy to a never know if it hurts, how they feel, anything to help with a better diagnosis than "maybe it's (fill in option)". I hope the Gottschalk household is able to rest easy soon.

  6. Vomit never makes for a good day.