May 2010 - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, May 28, 2010

What the?!

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What the?!
I generally think that I’m a resourceful person. I’m not super handy, but I can hang pictures, assemble baby ‘stuff’ (e.g., bouncer, swing, etc) while sick/pregnant, etc. I’m educated. I have a decent amount of common sense. Sooo ….. why can’t I seem to figure out the dang cabinet door locks?! What the?! It doesn’t look complicated. It seems to be a fairly straight forward task.

But, I’m at a complete loss! I managed to get a total of 6 brackets and 6 hooks pseudo-attached. I say ‘pseudo’ because … well, I think I’m going to need Husband’s muscles and elbow grease to fully secure the screws.

Seriously, people, what am I doing wrong? It takes every effort I have to even keep one of those tiny screws in my fingers. I can’t seem to get either the electric or manual screwdriver to work for me. It took about an hour to attach the ones I’ve already completed. Problem is … while I love, love, love my huge kitchen, I still have about 85 cabinets to go! I’m barely a fraction of the way through and I have calluses on my fingers! I’m also pretty sure I’m going to need an arm massage. There was a near miss with a screwdriver and the palm of my hand, too. No blood, though!

On that note, I think I’m ready for this holiday weekend! Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing time with family and friends!

NOTE: I'm ALMOST at $100 for Mission Monkey! I'm not sure of the exact count, but it's somewhere in the $90s. Comment, follow, or match ... now through Monday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Six Months?! Can it be true?!

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Six Months?! Can it be true?!
Baby is 6-months-old today. Can that really be true? I’m really having a hard time grasping this thought. It makes perfect sense, but WOW! Six months! It’s been amazing to watch her grow and learn and develop her own personality.

It’s pretty surreal for me as I think back over the last 6 months, and even the last year. This time last year, I was nearing the end of my first trimester, starting to tell family and friends about my pregnancy, and coming to the realization that my ‘morning sickness’ might not be ending like it does for most people. It has been a trying year, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Hyperemesis drained me completely. But, it has also been an amazing year. To go from basically living uselessly on the bathroom floor to having a healthy, happy, vibrant baby and family has really been a great journey.

When I think about how hyperemisis consumed me at this time last year (actually, for most of my pregnancy), I remember times when I thought it might never end. I never thought I’d ever feel better again. And, now …. I barely remember it at all! Okay, well, I do remember how I felt, but it’s such a distant memory. Baby, of course, made it all worth it. That was never a question. It’s just interesting to think about how the things that once so completely controlled every second of my life no longer matter, not even in the slightest.

What consumes me now? My sweet, little (or big?!) 6-month-old girl! What’s going on in Baby’s world today?

She refuses to stay on her back. She loves to flip over to her tummy the second you put her down.
She is trying soooo hard to crawl. She gets MAD two seconds into trying when she can’t figure it out. (Yes, she gets that impatience from me!)
She is eating cereal from a spoon, quite successfully. She even giggles when she sees me mixing it up. And, she had her first few ‘bites’ of sweet potatoes yesterday! Loved them!
Her eyes are still blue. She’s still tiny (about 14 pounds) and wearing 3-month sizes.
She loves to play peek-a-boo and will actually move the bib or burp cloth in front of her face herself when Mom and Dad aren’t paying enough attention.
She pseudo-sat up for the first time this morning, using her hands to balance. Soo cute!
She wakes up happy and smiling. (THAT, she gets from her father!)
She’s a squirmy worm! Sitting still is no longer acceptable. She is on the move all the time.
She has two teeth on the bottom, and if all the drool is any indication, more will follow soon.
She is a curious girl. Every sight and sound grabs her attention. Anything she gets her hands on promptly goes into her mouth.

She is beautiful. And, she is my baby girl. Happy ½ Birthday, Baby! I love you!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday!

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Post-It Note Tuesday!

Also, sorry for my random rambling. Going to get that glass of wine now ...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Genius Baby

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Genius Baby
It’s true, every mother thinks their baby is the most beautiful, most advanced, smartest, etc. baby in the world. It goes without saying that I think all of those things (and many, many more wonderful things) about Baby. But, all bias aside, I’m pretty sure my little girl is a genius. Seriously. I mean, aside from her perpetual need to shove her hand down her throat and her stubborn refusal to learn from getting the same result (read: gagging herself) over and over again, I think Baby is going to make waves in this world one day.

Case in point: A couple of weeks ago, Baby ate strictly from bottles. Nothing else. Flash forward exactly 13 days, and she has mastered eating from a spoon. Mastered it, I tell you. All while battling her very first ear infection. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take for babies to figure these things out. I’m sure there are books or websites that give you a general idea, but who has time to scour those for info. Let’s just say that I fed Baby only one meal of rice cereal per day, even while she wasn’t feeling too great or showing much interest. And, I’m pretty sure she spent the first 3-4 days figuring out my tricks to get her to open her mouth and responding by mocking me mercilessly.

Baby picked up the whole eating solids thing fairly quickly, in my opinion. I, on the other hand, learned my lessons the hard way. Here’s what that clever little girl taught me:
-The ‘bait ‘n switch’ with bottle and spoon only works until Baby clamps her mouth shut no matter which one you’re flying like an airplane towards her lips.
-Making silly faces, sounds, etc. and shoveling cereal into a reactionary smiling or crying mouth is not a good idea.
-Swallowing cold, clumpy rice cereal isn’t nearly as much fun as spitting it back in Mama’s face. Getting it in her own eye, however, is cause for nuclear-thermal-meltdowns.
-Bubble gum-flavored amoxicillin is the preferred ‘meal’ to bland formula or cereal. Who wants healthy when you can have a ‘popsicle’ (which is what the medicine dispenser reminded me of)?

I’m still trying to decide between going green (peas) or yellow (sweet potatoes) for her first veggie, which I plan to try later this week. Any suggestions? The plan is to buy organic at the store to see which ones she’ll actually eat. Once I know what she likes, I’ll try my hand at making baby food at home. Of course, that’s the plan. We’ll see what Baby actually allows.

NOTE: please don’t comment about how your babies figured this out in shorter periods of time. I will simply reject your comment to maintain Baby’s genius image! ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

WORLDWIDE Mission Monkey Day

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WORLDWIDE Mission Monkey Day
Hello blog-world! I am participating in what's known around the world as Mission Monkey day! What is Mission Monkey you ask? Well, there's this blogger friend of ours known as Pixie Momma, aka Michelle. Michelle has a little girl, or Monkey as she's known by who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. To learn more about it, click here. Monkey is a sweet little 16 month old girl. She doesn't deserve this. Nobody deserves this.

But the good news is that Monkey only has Stage 1 (low risk). The bad news is the medical bills are mounting and the Physical Therapy (starts today) isn't covered by insurance. Michelle is using the donated money to offset medical bills. She will donate and unused portion to another family dealing with the same issue.

This is why the blogging universe is banning together like never before to rally around Michelle and Monkey to provide support. In addition to further entice you to lend your hand, and donate to the cause, we have over 50 items that have been donated. Many bloggers are hosting these fabulous giveaways and all you need to win one of these items is just one raffle ticket.

Donation pages:
Princess of Sarcasm -
The One and Only Oka -
SupahMommy -
Jenn B Says #1 -
Jenn B Says #2 -
Amber -
Two Little Monkeys -
Mommy's Nest -
Chief's Hiding From the Kids -
Jenny -
Jana -

You may donate any amount of money via PayPal as it's linked directly to Michelle's bank account. However, in order to be a part of the raffle, this is how that's going to go. If you donate the following, you get the subsequent number of entries:

$10 - 2 entries
$20 - 5 entries
$30 - 10 entries
$40 - 15 entries
$50 - 20 entries
$75 - 35 entries
$100 - 50 entries
$200 - 125 entries

The raffles for each item will start on or around July 1st.

Click on monkey to donate (button to the right)!

Ian from The Daily Dose of Reality has all the details on the fantastic raffle that will support little Monkey’s cause. He asked us all to repost the above message. If you're so inclined, join us and repost.

***You can help right here at Baby Steps in High Heels. I’ll donate $1 to the mission for each new follower and comment from now until the end of may (up to $100). You can also commit to matching my donation! Any sum, 10%, 25%, 50%, 100%. Everything helps!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out

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Pour Your Heart Out
If you need more info about Pour Your Heart Out, see THIS post.

But, really, it's anything that YOU consider pouring your heart out. Please grab the button for your post and link up!

Be sure to check out some of the links- you will find some amazing stories out there.

Again, just a brief reminder that everyone linking is pouring their hearts out and we should all be respectful in our comments. ;)

Today’s Pour Your Heart Out is tough for me. I don’t feel like I can really write about what’s on my heart … lest I be accused of murdering all the world’s teddy bears or something equally sinister. But, as the great and powerful Supah says, ‘drama shmama’ …

You know what is awesome, though? What is filling up my heart right now? All of your love for Monkey! And, all of your help in my own personal quest to contribute. Y’all have been fabulous, and I’m already at $38! Thank you!

Mission Monkey has pulled at my heart from the very beginning. Possibly because my own little Baby is another sweet tutu-wearing cutie. Possibly because one of my many nicknames for Baby is also Monkey. Possibly because there is just really nothing in this world that could prevent this from happening to any one of us.

This entire situation brings a lot of things into perspective for me. Life is too precious to dwell on negativity or to allow others to tear you down. KLZ suggests using alchemy to move forward in time. But, until somebody figures that out, here’s how I am dealing …

Laughing in the face of it all.
Living life to the fullest.
Blowing bubbles and raspberries with Baby.
Making silly faces/voices for Baby giggles!
Loving my family with all of my heart.
Drinking a fantastic glass of wine.
Making it all work!

[And, probably buying a new pair of shoes! Because, well, anything is great excuse for new shoes! Serious question/poll: best summer shoes? What are your favs?]

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday-New Day

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Post-It Note Tuesday-New Day

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mission Monkey Minute – how you can help me help Monkey!

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Mission Monkey Minute – how you can help me help Monkey!
So, I apologize to all of my fabulous readers and commenters. I initially had to hide the comments from my last post. Then I had to delete it all together. I’d rather not get into the specifics. I’m so over it! Anyway, let’s move on, shall we?!

Actually, in reference to the last/deleted post, I am a little grateful for a difficult situation I’ve been dealing with for the last few days. If it hadn’t occurred, I might never have had the light-bulb moment about how I can help Monkey (if you don’t know the story by now, click on her button to the right)! I’m not crafty. I don’t have my own business. But, I do blog! I’m not the biggest blog on the block … one of the smallest, in fact. But I know y’all read often. You comment or email daily, and I appreciate it!

So, here’s how I’m helping Monkey. I will turn comments back on starting with this post. For every comment on blogger or email that y’all make between now and the end of May, I will donate $1 to Mission Monkey. For every new follower, I’ll also donate $1 up to $100 (limit will be reassessed next week depending on your generosity!). Unfortunately, I don’t have all the money in the world. If I did, I’d just pay cancer to go to hell.

So, bring it on! And, if you’re looking for ways that you can help, why not match my donation? What do you think? You don’t have to be a blogger. Yes, I’m talking to you, my family and friends ‘in-real-life’ … what do you say?

MONKEY MINUTE! Answer the questions below. Visit Ian at The Daily Dose of Reality to link up for Monkey Minute and to learn more about how you can help with Mission Monkey!

Have you ever peed in the shower/bath/pool?
Hmm, probably the pool or bath when I was a kid. But not that I can recall recently!

What is your biggest pet peeve? People who are oblivious to their surroundings. I like my personal space!

What's the story behind your blog title?After trying out about 100 different ones that were already taken, I landed on this one. But, it’s fitting … I’m a working mom, figuring it out as I go!

What is your definition of success? Meeting your goals in the most efficient and dignified way possible. I admit, I’m not always good at this, but I try!

If you were famous, what would you want to be famous for? Being mom to Baby, and whatever she happens to be famous for …

Friday, May 14, 2010

What a morning!

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What a morning!
My perfectly planned morning: Wake up. Have coffee with Husband. Wake up Baby for a little play time. Get her dressed, packed up, and out the door to day care. Really awesome blog post entitled ‘If I were Oprah’. All before 9 am and the start of the work day.

What actually happened: On the heels of Baby only eating roughly ½ of her normal diet yesterday, I woke up early. Rushed to get myself dressed. Rushed to get Baby dressed. She promptly threw up all over the first outfit, so we changed her into another one. Drove to the doctor’s office to have Baby checked out. First ear infection diagnosis. Dropped Baby off at day care while I filled the prescription and ran a couple of errands (aside from not eating, she’s otherwise normal/happy and not contagious). Went back to day care to give her the medicine. And, all of this running around during a torrential down-pour.

I’m not complaining one bit, especially since Baby still seems to be pretty happy and relatively unaffected. That said, it’s pretty funny what parenthood can do to a Type-A personality. For example, I was late this morning. Late! Me! I’m never late. I grew up with the mantra ‘on time is late’! I’m always early. Not so much anymore. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


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Well, I had a super mean (I’m talking, reeeaaallllly mean) post in mind, but Shell over at Things I Can’t Say kind of talked me down with her post this morning. That said, I still have to vent a little.

On Tuesday, I was driving and watched a car in my rear view mirror driving pretty recklessly. The driver was weaving in and out of traffic for miles. She undercut me to change lanes. She completely cut me off a time or two. I could see her looking down into her lap a lot. I don’t know if she was eating, reading, texting, napping, or what. But she frustrated me for MILES.

Finally, I took my exit and was relieved to be rid of her. No such luck. She exited right behind me. Then … then … she drove her car right into the back of mine. Yup. You heard me. She hit me.

I can’t begin to tell you all the thoughts that ran through my mind. THANK GOD BABY WAS NOT WITH ME! But, that didn’t stop my mind from racing. What if she had been? All I could see was her tiny little body and an ambulance.

These thoughts only fueled my anger, and I let that lady have it! For those of you who know me personally, this probably doesn’t surprise you. I’m pretty good at saying what’s on my mind. But, I really let her have it. The thing is, I had to be angry or I would have been a sobbing mess … thinking about what could have happened to Baby if she had been in the car … those thoughts and images totally consumed me. I had hold onto that anger in order to maintain any composure.

Icing on the cake? This lady is freakin’ uninsured. Here’s a thought, lady, if you don’t have insurance (which is, by the way, REQUIRED BY LAW in the State of Texas), maybe … just maybe, you should use a little more caution while driving.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pouring my heart out for Monkey

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Pouring my heart out for Monkey

Have you heard about Monkey? Have you seen that cute button on the side of my blog? That adorable little girl in that adorable little tutu? That’s Monkey. She’s 16-months-old. And, she has just been diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

Take a moment and let that sink in. Cancer. Brain Cancer. 16. Months. Old.

Look at that little face. Innocent. Happy. Beautiful. Just like every one of our kids. Only, she’s sick. She’s in for the fight of her very young little life. She needs our support. Her family needs our prayers. And, if you’re able to offer any additional support, please visit Ian at the Daily Dose of Reality to find out how you can help with fundraising support for this family. Because, as if having your toddler diagnosed with neuroblastoma wasn’t enough, this will also be a financial nightmare.

Monkey belongs to Momma’s Pixie Dreams. She’s a kind and funny blogger. Visit her when you can and share your words of encouragement. She’s going through the a kind of hell that nobody should ever have to endure. And, it could be any one of us. Remember that.

Remember that, and hold your babies a little closer tonight. Momma’s Pixie Dreams recently posted something that tore at my heart. It still does. She wrote that ‘not knowing’ is the hardest part. Not knowing if Monkey is fussy, has a runny nose, or won’t eat dinner …. because of the cancer or not. I think about that every time Baby cries or gets fussy or is being a handful. I think about how hard it is for a mother, under normal circumstances, to not know what’s wrong with her child, to not be able to immediately provide comfort or help.

It is heartbreaking. Husband, Baby, and I are praying for Monkey and her family, and we ask you to do the same. If you can offer any additional support, please consider doing so.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday ... milestones!

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Post-It Note Tuesday ... milestones!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day fun at the beach!

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Mother's Day fun at the beach!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day with their families! I was so busy last week that I only had time for a few blog postings. Why was I so busy? Because I was trying to cram an entire week’s worth of work into just a few short days. Why?

Baby’s first trip to the beach!

She loved it!

We only spent a few minutes with her in the sun and the sand. She’s still too young for sun block or lotion, so we didn’t want to push it, but she seemed to really love the water and the beach in general.

What’s more is that she was absolutely wonderful during the entire 5+ hour drive there, and she also did great on the way back. She slept a lot in the car, so we were worried about how she might sleep last night. But, she must have been as worn out as we were!

I couldn’t have asked for a better Mother’s Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pouring my heart out again this Wednesday ...

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Pouring my heart out again this Wednesday ...
I’m swamped! It’s been a whirlwind week between work, home, and a last-minute HUGE baby expo for Macaroni Kid. I have missed blogging and reading blogs, but I couldn’t stay away from Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out Wednesday. It’s amazing free therapy. Join us and link up!

What’s on my mind, er, my heart, this week? A lot! As I mentioned, I’ve been so busy. I’m attempting to wear many hats lately.

I’ve enjoyed the freedom of a flexible schedule with work for many years. I’m a self-starter and pretty good at motivating myself to get everything done that needs doing. I’ve been successful at working from home for quite a while now. I actually thought this would be a really awesome perk when Baby came along. However, I’m finding that working from home also comes with a down side.

It leaves me feeling like I need to be doing my day job aaaaand the job of a mom who gets to stay at home. In addition to my day job, right now I am:

Trying to find the time to take baby to music classes, swimming lessons, etc. this summer.
Trying to squeeze in laundry, dishes and other housekeeping items.
Trying to find the time to fit in blogging, Macaroni Kid, and more.
Trying to exercise, sleep well, cook/eat well, and generally stay healthy.
And, so much more!

These are all things I love, but finding the balance a bit tricky. Obviously, I prioritize my family (emotionally) and my paying job (logically), but I want to do it all! Husband manages to function on coffee, exercise, xbox, and what seems like no sleep at all. I’m just not wired like that! Sure coffee (sanity) and wine (sleep) help maintain a balance, but I’m starting to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post-it: Swamped

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Post-it: Swamped