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Monday, May 24, 2010

Genius Baby

It’s true, every mother thinks their baby is the most beautiful, most advanced, smartest, etc. baby in the world. It goes without saying that I think all of those things (and many, many more wonderful things) about Baby. But, all bias aside, I’m pretty sure my little girl is a genius. Seriously. I mean, aside from her perpetual need to shove her hand down her throat and her stubborn refusal to learn from getting the same result (read: gagging herself) over and over again, I think Baby is going to make waves in this world one day.

Case in point: A couple of weeks ago, Baby ate strictly from bottles. Nothing else. Flash forward exactly 13 days, and she has mastered eating from a spoon. Mastered it, I tell you. All while battling her very first ear infection. I don’t know how long it’s supposed to take for babies to figure these things out. I’m sure there are books or websites that give you a general idea, but who has time to scour those for info. Let’s just say that I fed Baby only one meal of rice cereal per day, even while she wasn’t feeling too great or showing much interest. And, I’m pretty sure she spent the first 3-4 days figuring out my tricks to get her to open her mouth and responding by mocking me mercilessly.

Baby picked up the whole eating solids thing fairly quickly, in my opinion. I, on the other hand, learned my lessons the hard way. Here’s what that clever little girl taught me:
-The ‘bait ‘n switch’ with bottle and spoon only works until Baby clamps her mouth shut no matter which one you’re flying like an airplane towards her lips.
-Making silly faces, sounds, etc. and shoveling cereal into a reactionary smiling or crying mouth is not a good idea.
-Swallowing cold, clumpy rice cereal isn’t nearly as much fun as spitting it back in Mama’s face. Getting it in her own eye, however, is cause for nuclear-thermal-meltdowns.
-Bubble gum-flavored amoxicillin is the preferred ‘meal’ to bland formula or cereal. Who wants healthy when you can have a ‘popsicle’ (which is what the medicine dispenser reminded me of)?

I’m still trying to decide between going green (peas) or yellow (sweet potatoes) for her first veggie, which I plan to try later this week. Any suggestions? The plan is to buy organic at the store to see which ones she’ll actually eat. Once I know what she likes, I’ll try my hand at making baby food at home. Of course, that’s the plan. We’ll see what Baby actually allows.

NOTE: please don’t comment about how your babies figured this out in shorter periods of time. I will simply reject your comment to maintain Baby’s genius image! ;)


  1. Jennifer--I think you'll find that she prefers what you've made over anything you can buy at the store. :) Marin's first veggie (which she LOVED) was orange--carrots. Do yourself a favor...Beaba Babycook. It's foolproof and "distracted mommy"-proof.

  2. All of my boys LOVED sweet potatoes. Which was really convenient when we would eat out b/c I could order one as my side and feed the baby. :)

    I never made my own. I just stuck with the organic ones and figured that was okay.

  3. Bubby loved his sweet potatoes. Never did get the hang of peas, but eventually took to green beans for a lil while. Although my Bubby is a genius in many ways, eating was never one of them (and still isn't :(( )

  4. Well, my four year old still doesn't like silverware, so I am not going to tell you that your baby is not a genius :-) But I fed her Gerbers el cheapo, not organic (that might be the reason right there! Good luck!

  5. If I may give you some advice...if you decide to make baby food, puree it in the blender, and then put it in ice cube's the perfect serving size for them ya know until they are eating more solids, but even then you can heat up 2 different kinds of veggies or fruit in one sitting if Baby eats all of one and needs another. It was def. a life saver! Also, don't forget that sometimes it takes up to 10 tries to have them like something, and with my little one one day she would love something I gave her the next she wouldn't eat it, then the next she would love it again...just something to think about. Hope that didn't sound like I know everything, cause I sure don't! Have fun feeding your little one!