What a morning! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, May 14, 2010

What a morning!

My perfectly planned morning: Wake up. Have coffee with Husband. Wake up Baby for a little play time. Get her dressed, packed up, and out the door to day care. Really awesome blog post entitled ‘If I were Oprah’. All before 9 am and the start of the work day.

What actually happened: On the heels of Baby only eating roughly ½ of her normal diet yesterday, I woke up early. Rushed to get myself dressed. Rushed to get Baby dressed. She promptly threw up all over the first outfit, so we changed her into another one. Drove to the doctor’s office to have Baby checked out. First ear infection diagnosis. Dropped Baby off at day care while I filled the prescription and ran a couple of errands (aside from not eating, she’s otherwise normal/happy and not contagious). Went back to day care to give her the medicine. And, all of this running around during a torrential down-pour.

I’m not complaining one bit, especially since Baby still seems to be pretty happy and relatively unaffected. That said, it’s pretty funny what parenthood can do to a Type-A personality. For example, I was late this morning. Late! Me! I’m never late. I grew up with the mantra ‘on time is late’! I’m always early. Not so much anymore. :)


  1. You should try that Mantra with 4 kids , hehe

    Hope her ear gets to feeling better

  2. Ahhh, I was always early once too. Now, two kids later, it's almost unwritten that as long as you are getting there within 30 minutes of arrival time, it's all good :-) Glad the baby is doing okay with the ear infection.