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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Free Therapy Thursdays!

You might have noticed that my blog posts have either been overly sappy or simply absent lately. This is because I’ve been feeling especially crabby and have been trying to overcompensate for my poor mood. I don’t want to just complain in every single blog post, but I’ve been a little annoyed by, well, everything, lately.

Then I remembered a fabulous little meme that KMama does over at The Daily Dribbles called Thank You Very Much … where you can sarcastically ‘thank’ those frustrating things in ‘free therapy Thursdays’! So, here goes. I’m just going to get it all off my chest today and move on!

For more info click on her button:

-To the grocery baggers, who always insist on putting sweet potatoes, apples, and anything else that weighs 5+ pounds right on top of my bananas. Thank you very much. I oh-so-love it when my perfectly ripe bananas are brown piles of mush by the time I get home from the store.

-Also, to the grocery store baggers, thank you very much for putting all 6 liters of diet tonic water into one bag, and for not double bagging it. On that note, thank you very much for also using my HUGE freezer/cold bag for only the cold items. Four yogurts, a block of cheese, and carton of egg whites. Really? I’m pretty sure you could have fit another 18 items in that bag, too. Or at least a bottle or two of tonic. But, thanks.

-To my cable company, thanks so much for changing the formatting of your digital video recording so that it now records every. single. episode. of any show we’ve ever recorded. Re-runs. Repeated episodes on the same day. A hundred times a day. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to spend hours a day deleting these. As if I have hours to do this. Oh, and it’s also awesome when these shows we don’t need to have recorded take up all the memory so the ones we want to watch are missed. Thanks.

-To the drivers in my neighborhood who refuse to drive the speed limit … um, sorry, but I can’t even thank you here. It is a residential neighborhood, and there is no excuse for driving 50 mph down the road. I swear, you all rev your engines right when you pass the new speed limit signs. You know, the ones marked with orange flags to show you that it has been reduced. You know, the ones right across the street from where a little boy was just struck and killed. Yes, that’s what I’m talking about.

-To my computer, for hating me. Thank you very much. You will be replaced within the week. Ha.

-To my iPhone, dishwasher, DVR, and other such devices … thank you oh-so-very-much for requiring me to perform circus tricks in order to make you function as you were designed. Really, it is broadening my horizons and expanding my list of talents.

-And, finally, to the allergies/cold/who-know-what-it-is that might be plaguing Husband, Baby, and now me. Thank you very much for the stuffy heads, runny noses, and overall general misery you’ve inflicted upon my family. I cannot tell you enough how grateful we are for the sleepless nights.

Aaaaaahhhhhh. Now that that’s off my chest, your regular scheduled programming will resume shortly. Sorry for all of the complaining, and about really petty stuff, too! Sometimes, though, that’s just what life throws at you.

In all honestly, I am actually pretty grateful that these are my biggest complaints right now. I’d love it if they didn’t all hit at the same time, but I know things could be much, much worse. And, because they’re not, I am really (not sarcastically) thankful.


  1. People fly down my road all the time. Especially young drivers in the summer. I hate it! I hope you all feel better soon!

  2. See when they hit all at once petty becomes HUGE.. Hoping it all settles down for you soon hun

  3. We live on the entrance to a cul de sac. That said you think people would drive the speed limit here, but NOOOOOOOOoooooooooo. In fact, the residence here are the worst.

    True Story ~ One of the neighbors came over one day to thank me for how well behaved my kids are. Not because of behavior, but because they have to scramble off the road when she comes driving up the steep hill @ 50mph(in a 25mph zone) just so she can get home.

    No, I'm serious. In her opinion, my kids are good because they get out of her way.

    I understand the frustrations of the sleepless nights for more reasons than you mentioned, but most recently because I too am sick. Hope you all get to feeling better soon.

  4. Thank you for playing along! I hope that helped you feel better!

    That totally sucks about your DVR. You might want to call the provider. We've had some issues with ours it dying and us losing a whole season of LOST episodes. Grr.

  5. It all adds up to one big headache!

  6. Oh yes! I am having one of those days too! UGGHHH! I hope it gets better soon!

  7. That general allergy misery has hit our house too! yuck! It is summer isn't it? :) And I have gotten past the grocery baggers that refuse to double bag by buying the re-usable bags (my hubby thinks I got them to be eco-friendly, but really, it was to avoid ridiculous over stuffing with not enough support).