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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little proud of myself!

Well, Baby has liked and disliked the sweet peas I made. She seems to change her mind at every meal time. Unfortunately, whether or not she likes the taste, her tummy doesn’t seem to like them very much. So, I’m putting the green veggies on hold until we try a few others first.

To that end, today I made carrots and sweet potatoes. And, I’ve got squash in the fridge to make this weekend. And, yes … I’m a little proud of myself! As tempted as I am by the shiny, fancy baby food makers, I did everything this morning with a regular steamer pot and blender. In just a couple of hours, I had 48 servings of carrots and about 36 servings of sweet potatoes. The icing on the cake? I bought those carrots, organic no less, on sale for $1/bag. That’s $2 for 48 servings of baby food! Great savings for little effort!

Carrots and sweet potatoes were definitely much easier to make than the peas. It's actually funny, because the potatoes were the last thing I made myself even though it’s the first food I introduced to Baby. I have to say, they were the easiest to make. I just baked them in the oven while working on the carrots and added water and pureed at the end. So simple.

Now, let’s hope that Baby 1) likes carrots and my homemade sweet potatoes; and 2) isn’t allergic to the carrots. Otherwise, I’ll have many, many servings of baby food to share with all of you!

By the way, thanks to Brandi for the suggestions! I used ice cube trays and they worked perfectly!!


  1. I hope that Baby does well on her new foods!! My nephew LOVES sweet potatoes and so far has no food allergies. Hopefully Baby doesn't show any either, other than the peas! :)

  2. I'm so glad it worked for you! They were life savers to me! :) It's funny, I never even thought about making potatoes and freezing them...she just got them when we ate them and that was it. The things you think of after it's too late! :) Have a great day!

  3. That's so weird. My son always reacted to the orange foods but the green ones are a-ok! Their opposites.

    I wish I had made my own baby food. It's so expensive. I got discouraged in the beginning with him rejecting it and like you, didn't want all that food on my hands!

    I guess you could always make soup with it if it doesn't work out. A vegetable soup! My grandmother always pureed her veggie soup and it gave it a great texture!

  4. Wow, that's a great deal!

    Hmm...now, thinking back, I wish I would have tried to make my own!

  5. Wow, you are awesome for doing that! I have such little patience, well that any my kids are 15, 14, and 11...they really don't need baby food anymore.

  6. I made all my own too - I actually enjoyed making it, knowing it was going to feed my child!

    Super easy and a great way to save money!!!

    My boys loved avacado too - Is that a fruit or a veggie??? Something else to try!