A Mother's Love - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Mother's Love

Husband worked late last night, so Baby and I had some girl time. As I rocked her to sleep, I just had to hold onto her for a little bit longer. She was so tiny and sweet and …. ALL MINE! Sometimes she can overwhelm me. Some days I know I couldn’t do it without Husband by my side.

Sometimes it seems like a mother’s love is all about…

Sleepless nights
Napless days
Lukewarm coffee
Dirty diapers
Washing bottles
Spit-up in my mouth
Green beans in my hair
Sweet potatoes on the floor
Nasal aspirators and a squirming child
Trimming fingernails and toenails

But some days are like yesterday. Some days are just about perfect.

The sound of Baby’s breath, her giggles, and babbling …
The dimple in her cheek, the smile on her face, the twinkle in her eye …
Those sweet, special moments put it all in perspective.

Trimming those nails is just practice for the mani/pedi spa days we’ll share in the years to come. A squirming child is proof of her healthy development. The food in my hair is usually because she’s giggling SOOO loud. And, the food on the floor, usually because she’s kicking or waving her arms in sheer delight. (Baby does love her food!)

Every washed bottle means my child’s body has been nourished. Even dirty diapers are a good sign that all is good and healthy! Sleepless nights, napless days, and a sleep-deprived mama … all extra minutes we had together.

Okay, okay, sweet as she may be while I am rocking her to sleep, I wouldn’t mind catching a few of those zzzz’s myself! But, hey, that’s what the coffee is for ... piping hot or lukewarm, the caffeine still does the trick.

And on those perfect days, I guarantee that I don’t even notice when my morning coffee has turned ice cold.


  1. Awww....I love all my kids so much but yes some day I could use some sleep :)

  2. I love those days and those moments. They really do help with the more difficult times.

  3. Dang you, Jenn! This just about made me cry!

  4. So sweet! Soon she will be sleeping through the night, and you will get a little more sleep, and then you will wonder where the time went! :)

  5. Absolutely! Their precious little faces make it all worth it!

  6. We have had TWO of those days in a row. I love them because it's just the recharge you need to go back to napless and food in hair.

  7. Such a sweet post! I can remember those days, it doesn't feel like that long ago but my oldest is turning 10 next Saturday! Enjoy those special moments!

    I wanted to come over and say hi (I have already been following your blog). You left such a sweet message to me over at Shell's last week for my BFF day. I feel so blessed by the amazing words everyone left. Thanks so much!

  8. it goes by so quickly, doesn't it?

    i mean, right now we're wrestling with restless toddlers who just want to play with us ALL THE FREAKING TIME but soon enough, they'll be ignoring our phone calls our our chat pings on facebook ...

  9. There is no better sound than a baby's laugh!!! Sounds like you and Baby had a good time!!!