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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not a long-term goal

For my child, I want happiness and good health. I want her to be a well-adjusted, successful person who knows and possesses true joy in her life, and all throughout her life. These goals are both long-term and immediate.

Not a long term goal? An unhealthy attachment to me, her mother … but that doesn’t stop me from (guiltily) reveling in it a little bit!

Baby’s day care was closed yesterday due to the epic rain and flooding. We spent ALL day together. It was beautiful. We had a blast. Husband was also working from home, so we all had a really good time together. At some point, though, Baby developed – or at least started to display – an obvious emotional attachment to me. No longer am I simply to hand that feeds her, changes her, etc. I’m her mama!

She has always noticed if I left the room for a moment. Sometimes she’s okay. Most of the time, though, she prefers to keep me (or whomever happens to be with her at the time) within sight. But, yesterday, she started to fuss when I left the room … even though Husband was right there with her. This morning, I handed her to Husband, and she immediately started looking around for me. ME!

No, I don’t want my little girl to have attachment issues. I really don’t, but I am ‘kinda’ loving this new reaction. Just a little bit. She wants her mama … and that’s me!


  1. hehe, Bubby posted that before I was finished.

    I was going to say enjoy it while you can, one day she will be a teenager (scary, LOL)

  2. For most, this is just a phase, and they outgrow it when they gain their independence.

    Mine all went through a mother attachment and a father attachment phase, at separate times.

  3. Eli has started doing the same kind of thing! It's really kind of sweet and cute... until I need to cook dinner, go to the bathroom, etc.!

  4. Aww! That's sweet. My daughter who is 4 and a half is still very much a mama's girl and needs my attention. My son who is 8? Not so much anymore. At all. And it kills me.

    So hold on to these times while you can.

  5. One day they might not want any attchment to you so enjoy it now :)
    My little one is quite attachted to her mommy and daddy. I think it's just a comfort thing that she needs at this age.

  6. My older two went through this. Not my youngest- he has a daddy attachement.

  7. Awwww....those moments of realizing that they really need us are the best. The moments of realizing they don't need us are heart wrenching.

  8. My daughter does that too! Especially if it's later at night and my husband is just getting home (when she's tired).

  9. Sometimes there is just nothing better than Mama!! My son didn't really go through this, but I think most babies do!

  10. It's a nice feeling isnt it! So fun to have them want you...Marlee has days that she wants only her daddy, but mainly it's me.

    Marvel in it while you can...cause in a few (10ish) years our girls won't want anything to do with us. :)