Post-It Note Tuesday! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Post-It Note Tuesday!

Well, for some reason, that's the only post-it note I can get my computer to create right now. But, great news! $100 for Mission Monkey! I'll be donating this week!

If other post-it notes existed, they'd tell you all about my first attempt at making baby food. Sweet peas. Hmmm ... it was quite interesting! Probably not the best choice for my first attempt, because it was somewhat labor intensive to strain the peas after steaming, mashing, etc. But, it turned out okay. And, the real test ... Baby LOVED them! She sat with her mouth open, just waiting for another bite. It was the cutest thing! Still think I need to get that Beaba Babycook though ... just too many pots/pans/dishes otherwise. Or, maybe that's just my novice skills. Perhaps I could streamline the process with a bit more practice.

Another post-it note ... I also managed to attach a few more cabinet door locks today! I don't think any amount of practice will help on that front. Some work like a charm. Others? Not so much. I'm not giving up though!


  1. YAY on the $100 for Mission Monkey

    YAY on the sweet peas

    YAY on the cabinet doors

  2. I'm thinking about buying the First Years BabyPro baby food maker instead, as it is much cheaper and babies don't eat baby food that long (maybe six months).