Post It Note Tuesday - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post It Note Tuesday

[Advice from dads is also welcome!]


  1. I broke all the rules (according to docs and books) and did what worked for each kid individually.

    Of course, I had medical interruptions each time I tried to breast feeds. Once my kids were taken off, they refused to return. So my overnight feedings were bottles. You can bet your bottom, when they could hold their own bottle, they were feeding themselves at night (well I did have to make the bottle). There were a few that were fed cereal at night to hold them longer....

    Does the daycare have a day schedule? It might be worth your wild to try and match that on the days she is home. Including feedings and naps.

  2. Best book I've read on the subject (and believe me I've read everything I can get my hands on) is Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It's written by a doc who runs a sleep lab. Basically he says for napping, it should be about every two hours (when they're really little) and then later you watch the clock and your baby's mood but he suggests around 9am and 1pm. I roughly follow that, although Evan usually wakes up really early (often before 6) so he can't usually make it until 9am, so it's usually 8-8:30. As for night, we fed Evan at night until he was about 9 months old. At that point he started not wanting to go back to sleep after feeding and thought it was play time. Or, as you describe, would fall asleep in our arms and cry when we put him down. That's when we had to call it quits. We basically did the "cry it out" method but we kind of took a gradual approach where we had started letting him cry for longer and longer periods and we knew he could put himself back to sleep. We we finally did it for real, he cried for an hour the first night and then only 10-20 min spurts the nights after. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't the worst thing either. We knew developmentally he was ready for it and our doc (and the book) agreed. Now (12months)he pretty much sleeps through the night, although he occasionally cries out for 5-10 min at some point but goes back to sleep. It has made a huge difference in my state of mind, as you can imagine. Sorry for the long reply but I hope it helps.

  3. We started around 4 months. Try to get into a consistent bed time routine- do the same things in the same order each night so baby knows what to expect next and eventually will expect sleep to be next. Try not to put baby down when she's asleep; aim for drowsy but not asleep. If she cries (and she will cry until she gets into self-soothing), let her cry for a few minutes then go into comfort her, but don't pick her up. Leave and continue to go back in for soothing if she cries, but at longer and longer intervals. It's a terrible process for you & hubby, but after a few nights, it will eventually pay off. I would recommend starting on a weekend so everyone isn't completely exhausted & having to go to work the next day. At 6 months, babies generally should be sleeping about 10.5 hours at night & about 3.75 hours during naptime. Check how many naps & how long she sleeps at daycare. Will they work with you to adjust how long she sleeps there? If she sleeps too much during the day, she won't sleep as long at night.

    As for breaking the night time feeding, we went cold turkey. When baby would wake up crying & expecting to be fed, one of us would go soothe (but not pick up, etc.) using the same process as we did when we put baby to bed at night. After a few nights of not getting food, baby stopped waking up expecting to be fed.

    You may also want to cut the bottle right before bed because it can sometimes be a crutch to help baby get to sleep. Also, that way you can make sure baby's teeth are brushed before bedtime. We would feed before starting bedtime routine, brush teeth and then start the bedtime routine.

    Obviously don't try everything at once; pick one thing get baby used to that then move to the next.

  4. I am of no help. Ours has mostly evened out...but at 9 months. I almost jumped off a cliff at 7 months though.