Pouring my heart out for Working Mommy Wednesday - Baby Steps in High Heels

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pouring my heart out for Working Mommy Wednesday

Look at me! I’ve come a blogging long way …. Two memes in one day!

I’ve loved blogging, and I’ve loved meeting moms from all walks of life. I just recently discovered a network of working moms thanks to Julia over at Work, Wife, Mom … Life.

Today I’m tackling her prompt for Working Mommy Wednesdays … If you could change one thing about your job, what would it be? (the pay, the hours, the work you do...). This topic goes hand in hand with Shell’s Pour Your Heart Out … here’s why:

If I could change one thing about my job, hands down, it would be the traveling. I loved loved loved this aspect of my job when I first started. But, let’s face it, I was 23, single, and earning hotel/flight miles like crazy. I didn’t have any ties or a care in the world. Flash forward several years, and traveling isn’t so easy – or that much fun – now that I have to leave behind my baby, husband, home, etc. (Plus, after you travel a lot, you get picky about hotel amenities!)

My job is great. I really do love it. It is an ideal situation that affords me dual lifestyles. I work really hard, long hours for about half of the year, which includes quite a bit of traveling for several days at a time. This is the hard part

But during the other half of the year, I get to work from home. In my pajamas if I want. My hours are much more flexible. I can take Baby to music class, pick her up early from day care, and simulate a SAHM lifestyle. All while getting a full-time working mom’s paycheck and insurance.

Logically, this is an ideal situation. Emotionally, not so much.

I’ll start traveling again in August, and I’m in a bit of denial. Sometimes I think I should start mentally preparing myself, but mostly I’ve just been ignoring the reality of this situation. Not only will I travel for 3-4 days at a time, I also have a major sales meeting and conference that will take me away from home for SEVEN DAYS. SEVEN. DAYS. Initially, the plan was for Husband and Baby to come with me, but that just doesn’t seem feasible at this point.

So, that’s where I am right now…consciously ignoring the fact that I will have to leave my child (and my husband) for an entire week. And, that just kicks off about a dozen other trips I’ll be taking in the fall.

Potential mantras to get me through include:
1. Your love your job. It pays you well. It provides great insurance. It will help you give Baby everything you want for her.
2. This too shall pass. She will never know I’m gone. At least, she won’t remember it in the long run.
3. One week of sleeping through the night, good food, good wine, good friends. One entire week.

I’ll also have to work on some mantras to get Husband through that week!


  1. I'd emphasize mantra #3! I'll give you another one from one working mom to another: She'll get great bonding time with daddy. There's no better way to have daddy feel confident and connected with the little one then to be left alone for a while with her. Thinking good working momma thoughts for you!

  2. I think it's rough but doable. I think everyone will be stronger because of it. Baby will learn Mommy can't always be there, but have no fear Daddy to the rescue.

    I think this trip can make your husband a stronger Daddy, even allowing him to build a stronger bond.

    Let's face it, a few nights of sleep here and there would rejuvenate any mother.

    FYI, don't take things personal from Baby. I see it all to often. People beating themselves up because of their child's immediate reaction. Babies will learn to use it against you...

  3. When my twins were about 9 months old, I had to travel for my job. It was a blessing and a curse - I enjoyed the sleep, but I missed the kids immensely. And when I got home, they quickly got over the fact that I was gone. ;) Good luck with the seven day trip!

  4. I couldn't even imagine. Start working on those mantras! As a full time SAHM I can't relate to that aspect BUT I do know that you are giving her a stability and showing her that mommys can do it all. Work, be at home, make money and take her to music class. Even if she's a little too little to get that right now.

  5. Definitely stay focused on the positive! And try to enjoy your time away. I know it will be hard, but might as well try to make the best o it!

  6. #3 sounds like a great mantra...though I know still very hard, I would love some time away.

  7. wow, traveling that much has to be tough. i work/worked long hours and it's tough. but traveling is different. good luck! keep me posted. i'm so interested to hear more about your story!! thanks for linking up... 2 memes in 1 post....... yahoo!!

  8. I don't travel for work very often, but two or three times a year I am gone for several days. It's hard! But it does give my husband and boys a chance to bond differently and have some great experiences they wouldn't otherwise have. And I do love a couple of days alone :)