She knows ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, June 25, 2010

She knows ...

I’ve never been big on eastern medicine, psychics, or the like, but I have a feeling these are just the sorts of things that Baby loves. Why? Because, I’m pretty sure she can read minds and see the future. I’ve already told you all about how she is a genius baby, but she has now taken things to a whole new level.

There are things she knows … oh, the things she knows:

-She knows when one parent is preoccupied (in the shower, taking out the trash, etc.) and when she has the other one cornered. She waits until these times to wage war, er … burst into her best goat cry.

-She knows just when I’ve flipped off the video screen of the monitor (at 2 am, no less). She knows just when I’ve snuggled deep, deep down into my blankets and pillows. She’s been silent and motionless until just this moment. Then, she lets me have it.

-She knows exactly when I’m putting the first bite of food into my mouth at dinner. She’s been a sweet, sleeping angel until the very second I bring that fork to my mouth. Then, it’s …. WAAAHHHHHH!

She knows. Oh, she definitely knows. Whether it’s ESP or intuition, I don’t see this boding well for me or for Husband. I think the (tarot) cards are all in Baby’s hands now.


  1. Oh yes! They do have a way of knowing when they we are busy or just trying to eat! :) Marlee was the same way!

  2. They do all know! How they know, haven't a clue, but they do know.