And that's what I get ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, July 26, 2010

And that's what I get ...

for opening my big mouth.

Here’s how it happened:

Late Friday afternoon, I took Baby to the doctor’s office for a follow-up visit after her double ear infection diagnosis. It had been two weeks since the initial visit. And, her ears were clear … no more infection! This was very good news.

But, we had to go through all of the typical follow-up questions:

Has she been fussy? Well, yes, but she’s cutting 4 teeth right now.

Has she been eating regularly? Yes.

Has she been making wet and dirty diapers? Oh, yes. No problems there.

Has she been running fever? No, but really she never runs fever. I don’t think her temperature has ever risen above 99.5. And, even when that happens, it’s back down to normal when I check it again a little while later.

And that’s where the karma gods got me. I should have never said ‘never’ …

Flash forward 36 hours, and Baby is running a fever of 101. Now, I know the doctors all say this is low-grade, but I beg to differ. When your child almost never even hits the regular 98.6-degees on the thermometer, 101 is pretty high.

So, we spent the weekend giving tylenol, motrin, and lots of extra cuddles. The fever seemed to break overnight, but she’s still a little clingy and lethargic. I don’t actually think she’s sick. It’s probably a result of the teething (although doctors will tell you that teething doesn’t cause fever … again, I beg differ).

In any case, my little girl is having a rough couple of days. I feel terrible for her. I hate feeling like I can’t really do anything to help her feel better.

But, I’m also feeling guiltily blessed. A new baby was born in my family last week, and he’s not doing well. Before he was born, he was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder. Now, even with MRI and many other tests, his prognosis is still uncertain. I am asking today for all of you to say an extra special prayer for this sweet, baby boy. And for his parents.

It’s hard enough for me to watch my baby have just a mild fever. I can’t imagine what parents must go through when they’re dealing with much graver situations.

On that note, it’s been a while since I’ve mentioned Mission Monkey. Let’s not forget that sweet little baby either. Or any other children who are dealing with illnesses now. We all have prayer buttons on our blogs, but sometimes these can just blend into the background with everything else that’s going on. Today is a good day to lift up extra prayers for all of these kids and their families.


  1. Actually my doctor's have never discounted teething as a fever inducer.

    Praying for your family.

  2. Just keep an eye on her fever and mood and if she gets worse you can always take her back to the doctor and see if she is sick... it really makes you grateful for your healthy child when you think of the situation of others. We are definitely blessed.

  3. Sending love! I feel the same way, the last three born into our family have had different problems, none life threatening but issues and I am always that much more thankful for having a perfect healthy baby. We are very lucky!

    Hope she is back to normal soon!

  4. i have to agree with oka. my son;s doctor actually told me to expect a bit of temperature when he was teething. well, he did.

    praying for all the sick babies. i had a very sick baby once, too, so i know what the moms feel....

  5. OH hun absolutely prayers going up for the new baby and your family as well as Monkey and all the others..

  6. You are so good. We're keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. How did you get such a big heart?

  7. I hate when babies are sick, whether it's a fever or something more. They are all in my thoughts.

    I think karma may bite me pretty soon. I was just telling my son's doctor today that he hasn't been sick all year, spare a few sniffles.