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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Webster, Can you remind me again ...

Um, what's the definition of sleep?

I used to know it. Really, I did.

Even in Baby's first few weeks/months. Even when I was hooked up to a breast pump for 30 minutes every 3 hours + attempting to nurse + doing all the other things new moms do with new babies.

Even then, I remembered the definition.

Sleep = rest = sanity

Okay, so maybe I remember the definition. Maybe I just don't remember sleep itself.

Thank God for coffee. Otherwise, I'd be a mess. Okay, maybe I am a mess.

But, you tell me how to handle night after night after night after night ....

of coughing fits, face sleeping, screaming cries, teething, nasal suctions, antibiotics, extra comfort feedings, hours of rocking.

My poor baby girl. I really do feel bad for her. She's the one who is sick and teething. And, it breaks my heart to hear her cough and not be able to do anything about it.

HOWEVER, she is also sleeping through all of the above stated symptoms while Husband and I have currently become zombies, very grouchy zombies. Very inefficient, grouchy zombies.

A list of things I forgot to do yesterday:
-That we have Baby Vicks that might be helpful (and it worked like a charm the second it was applied. Only three hours after she'd been coughing her head off)
-To turn off the fan in Baby's room. It dries the air and makes coughs worse.
-To change Baby's diaper before starting to rock her for bed (I did eventually remember.)***VOTERS for NOT Mom of the Year Contest, please note!***

There are more items for this list, but I'm going for Not Mom of the Year ... not the CPS took my child away award. Okay, it's not that bad. Really. Baby if fed, changed (now!), and happy. She giggles all day, barely uttering a single cough.

I've hesitated until now, but I'm thinking she'll be sleeping in her car seat tonight. For some reason, this sounds terril


  1. just a thought for your daughter sleeping...I remember I had a rough time with my daughter when she was teething. The doctor recommended let her sleep in her car seat in the crib. It actually helped a lot. Best thing she was belted in.

  2. Eli has never really been sick yet, but here's what I would do (and granted, you may already be doing all these things):
    1. Turn off the ceiling fan and turn on a humidifier.
    2. Put Vicks under her nose and on her throat and chest.
    3. Use quite a bit of saline when you suck out snot.
    4. Depending on how she sleeps, try propping her up on a sleep positioner... or tuck a big yellow phone book under her mattress so that she's sleeping on a slight incline.
    5. (And this one will probably be the most difficult for you...) Try to get over the face sleeping thing. She knows how to turn her head and roll, so she really should be OK. Also, have you put in breathable bumpers? I haven't, but I know a lot of friends who have.

    Also, here's my Not Mom of the Year tale: When Eli was having issues sleeping through the night last weekend, I let him cry it out for a little while. He would fuss for no reason (other than wanting to be held instead of going to sleep), so after my third or fourth time of getting out of bed, I cut his monitor off, closed my door and let him cry. He cried for less than five minutes (which feels like a long time as it's happening, but it's really not that bad overall) and then fell sound asleep on his own and didn't wake up until the morning at regular time. Also, I only cut the monitor off for those five minutes he cried. Once he was through, I turned the monitor back on and fell asleep myself.

    OK. That's all my unsolicited advice. Love ya!!

  3. That lack of sleep stuff is the worst. I promise it passes and you WILL sleep again. Pinky swear.

  4. The car seat thing works. When my little girl was sick or teething, having her swaddled in the carseat inside the crib kept her elevated so she could breathe and get some rest.

    It was like magic!