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Friday, July 16, 2010

Dear Webster, Can you remind me …

What’s the definition of sleep?

I used to know. Really, I did.

Even in Baby’s first few weeks/months. Even while I was hooked up to a hospital-grade breast pump for 30 minutes every 3 hours + attempting to nurse + doing all things that new moms do with new babies.

Even then, I knew the definition.

Sleep = rest = sanity

Okay, so maybe I do know the definition. Maybe it’s just that I don’t remember sleep itself.

We’re going on day ten thousand of nightly coughing fits, teething, nasal suctioning, extra comfort feedings, extra rocking, antibiotics, up-all-night (or at least many, many hours of) misery.

I feel terrible for Baby. She is the one enduring these symptoms, and I hate not being able to do much for her. We’ve given her the medicine. We’ve rocked her upright. We’ve used the humidifier. It’s just a waiting game.

And, I do feel bad for her. Really, I do. HOWEVER, while she is the one experiencing most of the above listed symptoms, she is NOT enduring the very last one listed:

Up-All-Night Misery.

Nope, not her. She’s sleeping through every bit of the other stuff, coughing fits included. Meanwhile, Husband and I have become zombies. Very grouchy zombies. Very inefficient, grouchy zombies.

Well, Husband is still pretty efficient, but not me. In my ongoing state of sleep deprivation, I even forgot to change Baby’s diaper yesterday before starting to rock her to sleep.

***NOT Mom of the Year judges, take note!

Okay, so I remembered pretty quickly, but geez … it’s amazing what removing a few (thousand) winks of sleep can do to the brain.

I’m thinking that tonight we might try to put Baby down in her car seat. For some reason, this has always sounded terrible to me. Or, at least, terribly uncomfortable. I’ve resisted the idea until now. However, every mom/grandma/day care worker that I talk to swears by it. Well, so they actually suggest the swing.

But, really, how much more sleep do you think I’ll be getting knowing that my child is dangling from a hook, swinging back and forth? Really? You all know I’m much too neurotic to doze off into blissful slumber while Baby just hovers above the floor.

I’m not saying it isn’t safe. Or that it hasn’t worked wonders for other people. Nope. It’s just my own dose of crazy that prevents me from going there. So, we might try the car seat. Planted firmly on the ground.

It’s that or slipping Baby a teeeeny dose of Unisom.

Okay, I hope I don’t have to say I’m kidding here. Maybe.

No, really ... I'm kidding.


  1. We used the swing and the car seat. Anything to get rest.

  2. i hope you get a great nights sleep soon.. like tonite!!

    God Bless

  3. aww, now i feel so bad for Baby. what is it, teething? once her first set of four erupts, things will get easier.

    i remember not doing the laundry that much during my son's teething (and his first set came out all at once!).

    hang in there, girl :)

  4. I'm so sorry. That does sound awful. And sleep is so important. Without it, you really can't function.

    I hope she gets to feeling better REALLY soon! Good luck!