Fourth of July BLOW OUT! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July BLOW OUT!

I hope everyone had a great, fun weekend celebrating July 4th! We had a … blow out!

You might ask … what kind of blow out?

A party? Nope.

A sale? Probably somewhere, but no shopping for me.

A tire on my car? No, but that’s closer …

A diaper. Yes. Yes, my friends … a diaper blow out of epic proportions. I’m not sure what Baby was up to this weekend, but she definitely gave us a run for our money. The thing is, we weren’t in the car for that long. Maybe a total of 3 hours over the course of as many days. But, all … ALL … of her dirty diapers occurred in the car.

The icing on the cake, though, was yesterday. We were heading home, driving 70 mph down the highway without a convenient place to stop for miles. MILES. And, there she goes. There IT goes. Everywhere. I tried to take a peek and stuck my finger right in it. Lovely. I then attempted to use a burp cloth, which is basically a cloth diaper, to prevent her mess from getting all over the car seat. Mind you, we were miles from home, so whatever happened, she would be sitting in that car seat for a while.

I was actually quite successful in protecting the car seat. Her cute Fourth of July Outfit on the other hand … well, let’s just say it went straight into the trash can in a Taco Cabana parking lot right along with the diaper.

No pictures of Baby’s first Independence Day. No proof of just how cute she was in that little red outfit with a bow in her hair. No fireworks. (That diaper must have worn her out, because she was asleep even earlier than her normal 6:30 bed time!)

Nope. Just a grisly diaper story. Why do I continue to be surprised by this? I really don’t know. This is my child ... Just when we thought the exciting news of the weekend would be that she officially sat up, unassisted, for the first time on Saturday … nope, she had to one-up us with a story of another kind to regale. Lovely.


  1. you're not a mom if you dont have a poop story. or two.

    i love the post you wrote for shell's bff and i'd love to read more from you.

    - your new follower

  2. I find the unassisted sit to be way better news, tell her she failed to amuse me, LOL

  3. The mom in me knew you were going to talk about a diaper blow out! LOL

    And I'm with ya- there have been a few outfits I haven't even tried to save- right into the trash they go!

  4. Well that just sounds nasty!!! Happy 4th of July to you! Sounds like a lovely explosion...

  5. Ahh, that just stinks (in more ways then one! lol!)! Well, at least you walked away with a story to tell!

  6. If it wasn't the first, it's certainly not going to be the last. LOL