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Friday, July 23, 2010

I always knew that would come in handy!

If you’ve followed my blog for a while, like since before Baby was born, you might know that I was pretty sick when I was pregnant. I’m not just talking a little high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.

I had hyperemisis, and it was no fun at all. If you’re unfamiliar with the condition, just imagine having morning sickness, the flu, mono, and the worst hangover of your life … all day, every day, for 9+ months. Let’s just say that pregnancy wasn’t the sunshine-and-roses-joy-of-joys for me that it can be for others.

Hyperemisis involved constant nausea that had me practically living on the bathroom floor. No joke, I would pull my blanket and pillow in and curl up at the base of the toilet.

After living like this for a long enough period of time, by body had had enough. So, off to the hospital we went. Again. And again. And again. Infusion therapy, it was called. I sat in a chair in the chemo ward and was hooked up to an IV drip in order to re-hydrate.
Because my doctor’s office was about an hour from my house (without traffic), I was eventually set up with home health.

[Humor me for a minute, while I digress a bit … a common misconception about home health is that a nurse or medical professional will be available to help you. In your home. While you’re sick. Please, let me clarify. Home health actually means that a nurse shows up, for about an hour, and teaches YOU how to 1) manage your own IV, and 2) change out your medical infusion pump (i.e., stick, stick, and stick yourself again with a thumb-tack like needle). Then she completely abandons you. FYI – I can’t even watch somebody else stick a syringe into my arm. How the hell am I supposed to do it to myself? Oh, but I did. It was horrific.]

Anyway, the point of this story is not to reminisce over that nausea and misery. Although, I do think it’s probably in my best interest to recount this from time to time in order to prevent me getting and ‘maybe-a-second-baby-would-be-a-good-idea’ fantasies.

No, the point of my retelling this story at this particular time is that … I always knew that IV pole from my home health days would come in handy!

Now, I have threatened friends and family members that it might show up during a White Elephant game at Christmas. Bad news, my dear loved ones. I’ll be hanging on to that IV pole myself.


Because … after Baby was up a good 2 hours earlier than normal this morning, and after she was up multiple times throughout the night, I am convinced that I will need to set up a caffeine drip in order to maintain my sanity. I love my Keurig coffee maker, but I’ve got to find a way to connect it to the IV pole. Seriously, any suggestions?

In what can only be described as an act of purely ignorant/naïve idiocy, Husband and I actually threw away all of the tubing that came with the pole. Where might we get a new stash? And, do you think it’s a good idea to first brew the coffee, then drip it into my veins? Or, should we just skip the brewing step altogether and pipe those coffee grounds right on into the blood stream?

Really, I’m all ears. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Be creative … it might be the only thing keeping me awake today. You know, until I can dig that IV pole out from the corner of my garage.


  1. An IV pole sounds like a drag (literally)... why not get one of those diabetic insulin fanny packs and get the coffee directly into your bloodstream that way?!?

  2. Good idea, Jocelyn. However, those insulin packs are just like the medicine pump I had along with the IV. It requires sticking yourself with a new needle every day. Not my cup of tea! If they have some that don't require a fresh stick every 24 hours or so, I'd love to hear about it! lol ...

  3. Wow! That sounds like a really tough pregnancy! If you get pregnant again will you develop the condition again? I haven't heard of it... and good luck with teh caffeine need!

  4. oh wow. sounds aweful. but definitely sounds like you found a good use for the IV pole.

  5. I say go for straight coffee grounds. If you get two lines going you could always pump some Mt Dew in the other side. What 1 will do, 2 will do better!

  6. I was wondering the same thing as Melissa..will you develop this again?

    She will sleep someday! I hope it's soon! If I were you, I would try to take advantage of someone close by who could watch her for an hour or two, so you can shower, and take a nap. It will make such a difference! And I also suggest, that said person takes her out of your house, bc if you're like me, you won't be able to sleep while they are out in the other room...