Mission De-swaddle Attempt #1: Fail - Baby Steps in High Heels

Friday, July 9, 2010

Mission De-swaddle Attempt #1: Fail

Let’s see if I can string a few comprehensible words together in my state of ongoing sleep deprivation …

Baby likes to roll onto her face in her sleep.

Baby does not like to have her arms free.

Baby only sleeps with a swaddle.

Baby SCREAMS unless she’s swaddled, arms tucked in, and sleeping on her face.

Mama cries.

Our first de-swaddling (Yes, another word I’ve made up. Go with it.) was a major failure.

Not only did we break early, we actually regressed significantly. We didn’t just wrap her arms back into the nice swaddling sleep sack. We threw that thing on the ground and resorted to the hospital-type swaddling blankets.

She slept. Like a log.

So did we ... from 4-7 a.m.

Question: When do kids start realizing that weekends are for sleeping in? I’m thinking that crossing my fingers for tomorrow morning is a bit of a stretch (by several years, at least).

Fortunately, it appears that all of this is normal. In my weekly email from Our Baby 365, I received the following information for my baby at 32 weeks-old:

‘Between now and week 37, most babies go through a fussy period as their development ramps up. Yours may sleep less, have temper tantrums and lose her appetite.’

Awesome. Only 5 more weeks.

Yeah, I’m not holding my breath on that timeframe either. Don’t worry. Sleep deprivation hasn’t left me that delusional.


  1. Baby girl 1 Parents 0

    Oh well, you will sleep one day...maybe. Hahaha :]

    I love those emails!!

  2. oh no! well one night less of the ordeal! (that's how i always look at my little one's phases) every day is one day less of it!

  3. Good luck. Hayden liked being swaddled. We swaddled him for a long time, longer than I would think that he would want to be swaddled. I think he was swaddled until he was nearly 10-months-old.

  4. lol. i have an 8 and 3yr old... and i swear they know its sat or sun.. because they are up EARLY and are ready to go!! thru the week...i have to fight with them to get them up on time!!!
    Good Luck!!

    God Bless

  5. We did the big hospital blanket swaddle until 8 months with my youngest. Because OH, did he sleep well like that. Hang in there, mama!

  6. hmm, my son de-swaddled early, but he did like to hold on to the blankie for dear life.

    the day will come when you'll sleep full hours...

  7. You're still swaddling at 32 weeks? Oh man, there is hope then. We're at 16 weeks and I was dreading giving up that swaddle any time soon!!

  8. De-swaddle is a word! At least it's a real word if you have a baby! we just de-swaddle DS2, and I found Halo Sleepsacks to be really helpful with the transition. Good luck with the de-swaddling!

  9. Sleeping in comes around 8 years old...just a little longer girl! :)