A new topic - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, July 19, 2010

A new topic

Husband, in his infinite blogging wisdom, has informed me that my readers ‘get it’ and that it’s time to move on to a new topic. He tells me that you’ve all gotten the picture ... We’re not sleeping. It sucks. But, now it’s time to move along to another subject.

Even with all of your VERY supportive comments, which I really do appreciate, I’m inclined to agree with the husband (but, please don’t tell him … it’ll go to his head in a heartbeat!).

But, before we move on, I just have to say that Baby IS sleeping better. We’re actually all sleeping a bit more now. And, as of Sunday, the culprit has been revealed. In addition to her double ear infection, Baby is cutting teeth. Yes, that’s plural. I count 3, maybe 4, teeth coming in all at the same time. Poor thing. No wonder she’s been fussy!

That said, upon Husband’s request, a new subject: A request.

Last week I received the following email from my husband:

Hello, wife:
I am writing to you today to inform you of the greatest baby shower present of all time. I have learned, through reliable resources, that J & A have received an X-Box entertainment system as a gift. I find this to be swell. Recently, I lost my 360 due to the dreaded red ring of death and instead of receiving a replacement from my loving wife, I had to divert my Playstation 3 funds to rectify the situation. This was quite disappointing. In closing: 360s are 1) excellent gifts 2) appropriate for people with small children, and 3) fun. Please adjust your life to allow me a minimum of 4 hours of game play per day, as well as future subsidizing of this worthwhile and rewarding obligation.
With love and blistered fingers,

I replied with the following message:

I cannot begin to describe to you the gripping-white-knuckled-oxygen-draining-fear-inducing physical reaction that instantly takes control of my mind/body/soul when I see an email from you labeled 'X-Box'.
That said, I believe you have stated your case quite well. I will submit this to the blogging tribunal for final consideration.
With love and rolling eyes,

So, blogging friends, it’s up to you. Does Husband get a new Playstation and the requested 4 hours of playing time? [Okay, I can barely type this without laughing, but I promised I would ask!]

[NOTE: He's totally kidding. Okay, well, I'm sure he wishes that his life could operate like this, but Husband is solid, reliable and only ever plays games after every, single task/chore/etc. has been completed. That said, I think his request is hilarious. It's also basically how I feel about reading, traveling, and shoe shopping!]


  1. Ummm 4 hours?? is he serious?? This part of the blogging tribunal would require it occur ONLY duringhours when little one was sleeping period ..

  2. My daughter teethed the same exact way, 3-4 at a time(most often the 4th had to take it's time breaking through). She was miserable. These were also great times for the car seat in the crib.

    I refuse to get in the middle of the gaming question. I fear I might not making anyone happy :D

  3. Dear Baby Steps Husband,

    That's a really great idea in your mind I'm sure but you have a wife and a baby to play with so I'm not sure where this four hours will come from. My husband maybe gets 2 hours a week with his, not because I'm some crazy 'stop playing that effing game stupid man' wife but because between work, eating, baby care, wife attention and sleep...he doesn't have the time.

    I'm willing to compromise, if you can live on 2-3 hours of sleep a night and use your other four to play then it is possible.


    Babes Mami

  4. Ummm, tell him no on the PS3 and go with the XBOX 360! Great new technology being used as we speak and nothing will compare. Four hours? Maybe 1-2! lol! (Okay, my darling sister is an XBOX designer/production girl...just sayin')

  5. Did he seriously type out his request and send that to you? If so, that is awesome and VERY amusing. He seems like a very funny guy.

    I think he can have his game system - if he uses it responsibly and it fits into your budget (meaning you can afford it).

    Oh and I say that you can blog about whatever you want... but it never hurts to switch things up and talk about other things.

    I am glad you are getting more sleep and good luck with the new teeth! That can be rough - for everyone.

  6. As long as you then get four hours daily to blog, read, do whatever you wish!

  7. Oh, my hubby only plays his game during the week IF he gets home before me and usually only on weekend mornings while he's letting me sleep in and he's taking care of the kids and breakfast... maybe you should make that deal with him? We do switch up sleep in mornings too... I get one and he gets one :)