PINT: 8-months-old! - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PINT: 8-months-old!

[Sorry, meant to type that it was not 'until' after her fever spiked back up. Too tired to do this over again!]

By the way, I did these post-it notes a few hours before I actually got around to posting my blog for today. It appears that the new antibiotics are making my child a hyper little girl. Oh, I can only imagine what we have to look forward to over the next 10 days ...

[Another apology, this time to the great and powerful SUPAH ... not sure why, but I can only seem to copy/paste occasionally. I think my computer has PMS. It's a little moody. Can't grab the PINT button, but you can click on Supah's name above to go to her site.]


  1. When you mentioned in your post yesterday that she was still pretty darn cranky and running a little fever I thought she might be getting sick again. Poor thing! But, at least with Hayden, as soon as he has Tylenol he is fine. He is hyper and good to go... then when his fever get high again (over 102) he crashes. It's a blast!

    Good luck getting her well again and happy 8-month bday to her (and you)!

  2. Happy 8th month mama! It is a milestone that we can go this long without good amounts of sleep so you get kudo's too! Hope your little one is on the mend!

  3. Poor Babies, hope things start clearing up soon!

  4. Hope she feels better soon! It's amazing how much they need mommies when they are sick!

  5. Happy 8th month to her! I hope she gets better soon!

  6. happy 8th month to to the bouncy little girl! my hubby's nephew is like that. when he has an asthma attack and was given meds for it, he ends up running around the house. which is ironic, because he's wheezing and cant catch his breath...