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Friday, July 30, 2010

There are no words ...

It seems that there has been a run of bad luck lately.

And ‘luck’ isn’t really the appropriate word.

A run of terrible, tragic incidents … sick babies, hospitalizations, even infant deaths.

There are no words …

Except: Hold your babies closer. Hug them tighter. Tell them more often just how much you love them.

And, pray for those who cannot …


  1. SAD, same is happening here.

  2. Beautiful reminder to always cherish our children.
    It's so hard to understand sometimes why these awful things happen and why God would allow them.

  3. I'm sorry that sort of stuff is happening. Sometimes life really sucks.

  4. Sending prayers and hugging my babies.

  5. Oh man! I hate when things like this are happening around me. Thanks for the reminder. Thank you for the comment love on Shell's BFF. I'm so glad so many could relate with the post!