Babies are loud. - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, August 23, 2010

Babies are loud.

Newsflash: babies are loud.

Okay, well, you probably already knew that.

But we didn’t! Sure, Baby exercises her lungs when she’s hungry, tired, fussy, etc.

But when she’s happy? Content? Just hanging out?

She has typically been a relatively quiet child. Not anymore! She loves to babble, and it’s so much fun to interact and ‘talk’ with her. Except on Sunday morning. Especially when you’re Catholic.

Then you have an entire church full of quiet, conservative Christians staring at you for no less than 60 minutes. Staring at your almost-nine-month-old who must think she’s actually at a contemporary service, a rock concert, or at least in the comfort of her own home.

Sure, babies make noises. And, no, they do not know better. But … wow.

My child is LOUD. And she wants everyone to hear what she has to say!

If I didn’t know any better, I might have thought she was singing, “Hallelujah!” right along with the choir. Except she thought she was a solo artist. And she only wanted to ‘sing’ when everyone else was quiet.

I guess I shouldn’t be too embarrassed. At least she didn’t let one rip this week. Or go red-faced and start grunting out a stinky diaper.

Hopefully the weather will start to cool down soon and we can make use of the cry room again. Of course, we’d have to leave the house early enough to get a seat, which seems to be an issue of increasing difficulty for us.

Moral of the story: Babies make you late. Babies can embarrass you. Babies are loud.
But, they’re also amazing. And they can make you happier than you ever thought possible. Who cares if they want to be heard/want an audience/want all of the attention?

It is probably better that people focus on the cute baby anyway, because who knows if I even remembered to brush my hair (much less my teeth) before bolting out the door, already late again …


  1. I use to get so embarrassed when they were loud but it is a fact! You tell your little one to sing as loud as she can! :) She sounds adorable!

  2. My kids are still so loud! But, ours have been in their own classes at church since they were babies, so we haven't had to worry about that.

  3. Yeah, my kids are in the nursery at church. Total cop-out, but I need to hear the message so I don't sell them to the gypsies.

  4. ever since my 2yo can understand what that man in the white robe is doing in front, he would imitate the priest. every frigging action is copied, every word is repeated. never mind if he still stutters and couldnt get his words out.

    we also get a lot of THAT looks, especially from the elderly...

  5. Hayden is really loud too. It can definitely be embarrassing - but he's cute so we decided to keep him.

  6. Just wait until she starts walking! Then church becomes more of a wrestling match trying to keep her in your arms. So much for quiet prayer time, right?

  7. I love baby babble! Music to my ears. I am sure no one minded. ;-)

  8. She just wants everyone to know she's there and cute as a button.