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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Book Review: Magic Manners at Mealtime

I was recently sent a free copy of Magic Manners at Mealtime by Rocky Stayart in exchange for my honest review of the book.

A stickler for manners myself, I love to see books that put a unique spin on teaching these kinds of lessons to children. It can be challenging, to say the least, to get any given message across to a young child, especially a message regarding things that they’re ‘supposed’ to do.

Magic Manners at Mealtime makes teaching manners fun! This ten-step program teaches kids about the importance of cleanliness, communicating politely, and controlling physical activities (like chewing with closed mouths and keeping elbows off of the table) through rhymes and fun anecdotes like …

“You have to sneeze, you have to burp,
Whatever should you do?
You close your mouth and cover it up.
And then you say ‘Excuse me,’ too.”

At the end of the book, there is also a manners game that encourages kids to practice what they’ve learned. Reward stickers are provided along with a red magic (cloth) napkin that can be used to practice manners throughout the book.

Overall, I think Magic Manners at Mealtime is a great tool for teaching children about proper etiquette at the dinner table. It is uniquely formatted, so that it stands upright. Each page is one ‘step’ of the program, and it even includes a Spanish version on the other side. Parents will find this book a useful starting point in educating their kids about mealtime manners, while their children will enjoy humorous rhymes and a fun game without even realizing they’re learning valuable lessons.

The book is aimed at children, ages 2-7. For more information, including promotional pricing information and to order Magic Manners at Mealtime, please visit

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