Diamonds are a girl's best friend ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Monday, August 9, 2010

Diamonds are a girl's best friend ...

I’ve written a little about Baby’s crawling. Or lack thereof. At least, during the day. She seems to like crawling, or at least really advanced scooting, in the middle of the night. In her crib. In her sleep sack. Actually … in her sleep.

But, put that kid down on her belly in broad daylight? Nope. Not a chance. She’ll flail her arms and legs so that it looks like she’s swimming. She’ll turn circles all afternoon, with one leg out so that her foot (and not any other part of that leg) is touching the floor. But she will not crawl.

Oh, and if you try to entice/trick/motivate her forward? Move a pacifier just out of reach? Jingle or crinkle a toy at her fingertips? Well, she’s apparently too stubborn for those antics. She plants herself even more firmly if we so much as hint at luring her into an actual crawl. She will do things on her own terms, and that’s just the way it’s going to be.

Except …. Except …. I just might have discovered a new source of inspiration. Diamonds! Of course! I should have known that that stubborn streak isn’t the only thing this child inherited from her mama. She also apparently loves what I affectionately refer to as ‘shiny-happy-pretty’ objects. You know: jewelry.

This morning, I took Baby for her follow-up doctor visit. (Her ears checked out okay! No more infections = no shots! Good news.) While we were waiting for the doctor, Baby was a little restless. This doctor’s office is nice enough. In the room we were in this morning, there were murals of dinosaurs, complete with the scientific and phonetic spellings of their names. But, seriously, I had gone through the names, colors, shapes, etc. of all 10 dinosaurs … about 10 times in the first 4 minutes.

So, we sang. We giggled. We played peek-a-boo. Okay. Four more minutes down.

Finally, I just put baby down on the table. I thought that I was out of ideas. Out of energy. Out of luck. But, no! I was wearing my jewelry. I might have forgotten, but Baby noticed right away. And, she practically lunged. Lunged, I tell you! Right toward my engagement ring. It’s the closest thing to a crawl I’ve seen my child do. At least while she’s awake.

I guess diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.


  1. oh, dont lose heart. i know you've been told/read that babies develop at their own pace. besides, once she starts crawling, she'll be in a lot of tight places you didnt even know existed.

    so, she likes sparkly things, eh? such a girl :)

  2. She was just holding out for something good!

    Love your new look- very cute!

  3. How funny! My son hid the fact that he was crawling for several months! It was so weird. I kept wanting him to crawl and be mobile, now I'm wondering what in the world I was pushing so hard for! Haha :)

    New look is too cute :)

  4. Love the polka dots! But I'm sure she'll be off and running in moments. Especially if diamonds are her incentive.

  5. The things that catch a girls attention! :)