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Friday, August 6, 2010

Gotta love Google!

When I was pregnant, I Googled everything. I mean EVERYTHING! If I had a new symptom, concern, irrational phobia, or general curiosity … I Googled.

And, you know what? I did not Google one single thing that didn’t return tons of results!

Gotta love that you can find ‘answers’ to almost anything at the touch of a key these days. Now, the information I found wasn’t always helpful. Sometimes it sent me into sheer panic or further intensified my paranoia. But, mostly it was nice to realize that I wasn’t alone with my crazy thoughts. Even if Husband thought I was overreacting (again), my trusty friend Google assured me every time that there we at least a few hundred other 'crazy' pregnant women out there who were in my same boat.

The same holds true now as a new mom. It’s great to be able to look up random information and get results instantly. For example, since I finally got over the ‘my-baby-sleeps-on-her-face-when-she-sleeps-on-her-tummy’ fears, things have been going fairly well. Baby sleeps quite soundly. And, she doesn’t flail about when we put her down. It’s pretty nice actually.

However, we have run into one little problem. Her diapers have been leaking through more frequently. I don’t know why it took me weeks to ask my BFF, but today I Googled: “front diaper leaks for tummy sleepers’ … man, I love that Google didn’t look at me like I was out of my mind with that combination of words!

Nope, my nice friend returned hundreds, possibly thousands, of results. Some were interesting. Some were bizarre. But, most were pretty helpful. Here are the most common results that I found for that search:

-Buy a size larger for nights
-Buy generic brand ... apparently these hold more. The Up & Up Target brand got a lot of nods.
-Add a maxi pad to the front
-Point the pee pee down (yes, it was written just like that. Multiple times.)

Well, my child is a girl, so that last one is irrelevant … but I think we just might try one or two of these options. We could at least move up a size. That’s easy. Maybe we’ll move up a size in a generic brand. Genius.

So, here are my questions:
1-What is the funniest thing you’ve looked up in a search engine? Or the funniest results to a completely normal search?
2-Do you have any suggestions for preventing those nighttime leaks?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Jenn! I don't know why I wasn't following you :-) Glad you love your design.

    I love google, it is my best friend! My little girl's diaper seemed to leak more when I used the walmart brand diapers. Switched to Luvs and she really doesn't have diaper leaks anymore.

  2. Not sure if they still do, but they use to carry nighttime diapers. I never tried the target brand diapers, but I never had any luck with generic diapers.

    Yes, point his pee pee down id you have a boy.

    I personally go with the size larger diaper. Boys are really good at leaking out the front at night, being that they pee in front. So I used the larger diaper method, and it helped.

    I do have a friend who swore by putting the diaper on backwards for her front sleeper.

    BTW, I don't consider anything I have googled "funny". Everything I google is serious, hmpft, LOL

  3. I forgot to say, I love the new look.

  4. Oh, yes! Thanks Oka ... one of the other big suggestions was to put the diapers on backwards. We just might have to try that one too!

  5. Google is my BFF too!! Currently all that's working for us is changing him before we go to bed and hoping that he doesn't wake up but now I have more suggestions from the above!

  6. No crazy searches for me...well ok as a ChaCha guide I've done a ton of crazy searches.
    As for the diapers, my sister loves the Target brand, they really must be good.

  7. Can't help you with the diaper problem, but google is my best friend in looking up possible early pregnancy symptoms.

  8. We use Walliworlds diapers...I can't remember the name but they are in a yellow box, with purple on it...they are a LOT cheaper, and they work fantastic!

    I don't google much, I guess I never get much of what I want back.