Mom Fail - Baby Steps in High Heels

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mom Fail

When I walked into day care yesterday afternoon, one of the younger girls who works there had put Baby’s hair into a ponytail.

Her first one! It was adorable. I finally had something to do with her little comb-over! I was ecstatic.

Until this morning.

When I tried to replicate said ponytail.

Um … let’s just call this one colossal Mom Fail.

Remember in the 80s when accessories were not just in style, but a must? Remember when HAIR accessories were all the rage? Well, that’s about how long it’s been since I’ve done anything to ‘fix’ hair in any sort of up-do. And, the chip-clip does not count.

Who knew that this could be so hard?! I’m laughing out loud at myself even as I write this, because this is something that never occurred to me until this very morning. For those of you with daughters, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean!

It’s one thing to slide a little clip or bow onto the top of her head. But, try getting a teeeeny little rubberband around a teeeeeny little strand of hair …. Not so much! First, the rubber band has to be wound about a thousand times before there is any chance of staying put. Then, add my super-bouncy-morning-person child (she gets that from her father … the morning part, not the bouncy part) to the mix, and I ended up with a really pathetic looking ponytail.

But, dang it … I added a bow and sent her off to school anyway. As sad as the ponytail was, my baby was pretty darn cute! And maybe that same girl from yesterday will fix it for me!

My guess is that this experience is like diapers. By the 3rd time I do it, I’m sure I’ll be a pro. [If you think this is an overly optimistic timeframe … well, don’t tell me yet. I need to stay positive if I’m going to master this oh-so-important mom skill!]

**On another note: My blog got spammed yesterday! I had comments from 'buyViagra' ... does anyone know how to block this? I didn't even know this was possible!


  1. I don't know how my mom dealt with my hair growing up. I have very curly hair and I remember complaining when she would try to brush it because of the knots. How she had the patience to brush my hair and put it into ponytails is beyond me!

    Oh, and I had spammers for a while- and so I had to add word verification.

  2. I'm sure she was still adorable. And you'll probably be an expert in no time.

  3. Oh yes, I don't know how to get their little hair into pony tales yet, but my little girl doesn't have enough hair to put in one yet so I am good on this homefront for a while! LOL

    The little girl I babysit for her mom is like a pro, and she says part of the trick is to use a lot of hair products...and to comb it into a pony instead of just trying to pull it up with your fingers...hope that helps alittle...

    Have a good day!

  4. oh, if you do word verification that would help with spam I think...

  5. I have no experience with the pony tail fiasco. Good luck! I am sure she looked adorable (just like she does in that picture)!

    As for the spam. I don't really like the word verification because I find it annoying; however, I did set up my blog to enable me to moderate comments that are over posted on a post that is over 10 days old. That tends to cut out the majority of the "spam comments."

    Good luck.

  6. I feel so bad for my daughter, I never learned to do the girly stuff well at all. You name it, hair, nails, make-up ...I suck big time. I have no way of passing it down to my daughter. Her hair is never as 'cute' as it should be because I have no clue what to do with it. Anything I try looks like a disaster.

    I have every faith as long as you know what you are doing you will master it quickly. Maybe you could come over here and help me with my daughter???

    In settings under comments you have several choices. You could use the much dreaded word verification, block anonymous users, choose who can comment.

  7. Pretty soon you will be french braiding while making breakfast and ansewering emails! ;]

  8. Yes, I have little to add to this discussion. I have two boys, and most days I don't even bother COMBING their hair.

  9. Practice makes perfect! you will get it down quick. I have 2 daughters and like Babes mama said you will soon be doing it while multi tasking.

  10. Three girls later and I am a pro at the hair...well that and the fact that I went to beauty school. I don't do hair anymore professionally but thank god I went so I would know how to take care of so much hair! Oh and the discounts on product isn't bad either. =)

  11. OMG, the teeny tiny ponytail is TOO cute! Absolutely love it!