PINT: Preparing ... - Baby Steps in High Heels

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

PINT: Preparing ...


  1. 1st you have one heck of a week coming up and I'm tired for you!
    2nd I think you are totally awesome for Skyping while you are away. I would have never thought to do it.

  2. Have fun on your trip! You are braver than I am for leaving her! I would have told my boss I couldn't go! :) Not because Marlee wouldn't be fine, but because I am a big baby! LOL Hope it goes by quickly!

  3. you have a full week ahead. you're so brave that you can leave baby at home...

  4. I remember my first two week business trip after having a child. It worked out to be in a town not to far from my parents. So I packed up the baby and stayed with my parents instead of a hotel. Mom watch him during the day and I clung tight to him at night.

    I would of been a wreck had I had to leave him for two weeks.

    Now I would give a kidney to get 2 weeks away from the kids. I'm sad, I know.

  5. Have a great (safe) trip!