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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PYHO: Working Mom Working It Out

It's time for me to double up on memes again. Pouring my heart out with Shell at Things I Can't Say:

And joining Julia at Work, Wife, Mom ... Life for Working Mommy Wednesday:

[Julia - I promise I'll get to one of your prompts soon ... there is just another work-related topic that has consumed me for a while now ...]

I leave on Sunday for my week-long business trip. I’ve been thinking about it for weeks. I’ve also been trying not to think about it for weeks. I’m still not sure which approach is better.

But, I have to go. I have to leave Baby. I have to leave Husband.

It’s my job. It’s my professional responsibility. It’s the only way to continue to secure salary and insurance for my family. I have to go.

And, it’s going to be okay. I think.

I’ve made a few lists to help me process …

The Good:
-Meeting responsibilities
-Recharge time (six nights of sleeping through the night!)
-Adult/Professional/Social conversations/interactions interactions
-Good food/wine that I don’t have to pay for 
-A week of leaving the house (hotel) without spit-up on my shirt or peas in my hair
-No dirty diapers!

The Bad:
-Leaving my child. For SEVEN Days. SIX nights.
-Not hearing her breathe in the night. I love that sound. It may be my favorite ever.
-Not holding her for six nights/seven days
-Not being the one to rock her to sleep
-Not being the one who is there when she wakes up
-No playing peek-a-boo or toes-on-your-nose
-Just planning not being there. And missing her like crazy.
-Missing Husband too! How am I going to stay calm when he is not with me?

Why it will be okay. I think.
-Skype. Thank GOD for Skype. At least I can see them every day (at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and maybe even a night or two … a mama needs to hear that baby’s breath!)
-My ‘recharge’ mentality. If I do it correctly, I can come home recharged with a week’s worth of restful nights and ‘me’ time.
-If I do it right, I can come back a ‘better’ mom. Of course, I have to avoid melting down. Daily.

I’m still convincing myself of all of the ‘good’ and ‘why it will be okay’ items on these lists. But I AM working on it …


  1. You will do great mom! You will come home so refreshed you won't believe it! I had the chance to go away for 4 days when the kids were 2 & 4...I came home rested (even though us girls didn't sleep much) and so focused on being a better mom! Enjoy your little break!

  2. You can do it and you will be okay. Baby will be okay. Husband will be okay. Good luck.

  3. you are exactly right!! recharging is soooo good. i remember the first time i was away for just 1 night from my first born and i missed her like crazy, but i came back with an awesome LOVE for her!!!

    you will do it. a week is a long time but the adult interaction will be great and you'll come back feeling fresh!!

    good luck and have fun!!

  4. skype has got to be the greatest invention ever, I swear. Good luck with your trip!

  5. I'm going to say this, without criticism, but hopefully as a good thing!!! At least it's only for 7 days, and not longer. You can do anything for seven days. You can! You are strong! Baby will miss you, you her, and husband will miss you, you him, but you guys can do it for seven days. That's what I tell myself when I have to do hard things...I can do anything for ________ amount of time. Just keep that as your mantra! And Skype, skype, skype! :)

    Sending hugs your way!

  6. Thanks everyone, and you're right, Brandi. It's hard for me to think about, but it is ONLY 7 days. That's a great mantra. I think about women (and men) in the military who leave for months/years. I'm definitely blessed in that regard.

  7. Skype is awesome, and sleeping in a quite hotel room is bliss. And you'll make it and be better for it!

  8. I think you'll do great! You are going into this with a good attitude- and will come back refreshed!

  9. This is my biggest fear for when baby comes - even though I travel so rarely for work. I have been contemplating bringing dh on my business trips so we can both be with baby.