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Monday, August 30, 2010

Up and at 'em!

It’s the first full day of my business trip, and I’m up bright and early here on the east coast. My meetings start in a couple of hours, and I have lots to do before we get started for the day. Work out, shower, meeting-prep tasks … but, first and foremost, a Skype chat with my sweet baby girl!

I got in too late last night to Skype with her. Although my planed landed around 5 pm, it took another couple of hours to take the train (which was 45 minutes late) into D.C. from the BWI airport. Baby was already winding down before I could even attempt to log on to the computer.

I have to say, I think this video chat is going to be a wonderful tool to help me make it through the week. Even if Baby doesn’t completely grasp the concept, at least I get to see her face, hear her baby babble, and even catch the occasional ‘peek-a-boo’ game with her.

After our Skype chat, it will be on to a full day for me. My self-imposed rules for the day include:

-Do NOT speak to ANYONE in baby talk.
-Use complete sentences.
-NO high pitched voices or baby babble in meetings, please.
-Do not refer to self as ‘mama’ at any time.
-Try to talk about something/anything other than Baby. At least every once in a while.
-Know your limits. Don’t get too excited with soooo much adult interaction that you go overboard. Conversations with complete sentences do not need to drag on for hours simply because you haven’t had one in almost a year.

Here I go …


  1. You will do great all around.

  2. My job sends me off for trips and it IS hard some times! Hang in there! I LOVE DC! I end up there a few times year for work!!!

  3. Good luck! You will do fabulous! :)

  4. Good luck! You will do great mama!

  5. Good luck! I hope the Skype chat is all you want it to be and more!

  6. Good luck and try to have some fun!

  7. Skype is a lifesaver in these situations! Your rules are hilarious--the baby talk would be a too funny in mid-conversation but you'll be fine! Good luck :))